5 years-New slogan - "The most beautiful is the future" | Charlie Paris 5 years-New slogan - "The most beautiful is the future"

5 years-New slogan - "The most beautiful is the future"

5 years - New slogan -

Five years ago we started the Charlie adventure, a new chapter will open.

We founded Charlie with the simple idea of making the watches that we dreamed of.
In five years, we have gone from 5 models to nearly 50 with each time the will to offer you the perfect watch.

Every time we come out a new collection, we seek to realize and propose you the ideal watch. For us, this means:

  • You propose models with a sober design, both classic and contemporary, which will always be modern in many years.
  • You can offer models with an excellent price quality ratio. Contained and justified prices and quality materials that will last in time.
  • You propose models manufactured in a responsible way that preserve the know-how of our French companies as well as the planet.

We believe that we do not want to move from 50 to 500 watch models over the next 5 years.

  • What drives us is creation. It's from an idea to a drawing, from a prototype to a finished product. Then to cross faces in the street carrying our products.
  • What drives us is to meet partners with exceptional know-how sometimes passed down from generation to generation and to have the opportunity to work with them.
  • What motivates us is then to offer you these products at the fair price, and that you are as satisfied as our various partners or as our team.
  • What drives us is to grow up, to grow our team, which rises every day with this desire to make the world more beautiful and better.

It is for this reason that we now want to diversify and not limit ourselves to the exciting sector of watchmaking.

We are convinced that we could draw, design, manufacture and then offer you products with a sober and remarkable design, noble materials, excellent price quality and responsible manufacturing. Who are other than watches. And we are convinced that this could please you. In any case, it is a challenge that we wish to meet.

Your servants Ambroise and Adrien
With the support of Team Charlie,
And we soon hope yours.

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The most beautiful is the future