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Assembling a Charlie watch in France, the various stages

Assemblage d'une montre Charlie en France, les différentes étapes

The assembly of each of our watches is realized in France. The assembly of a watch corresponds to a sequence of steps including the placement of the dial, the needles while respecting certain processes taking part in the final aesthetic of the watch.

We will introduce you through this article the assembly of one of our models.

List of hardware to complete assembly:

  • Brucelli
  • Doigtier
  • Screwdriver box
  • Magnifier
  • Bell
  • Rodico
  • Enclosure cushion
  • Pose needles
  • Levers to needles
  • Dial Protects
  • Tool for Bars


The various pieces to be assembled:

  • Dial
  • Needles (hours, minutes, and seconds needle)
  • Movement
  • Ice
  • Enclosure
  • Circle of Emblading
  • Bracelet
  • Pump-spring bars

To start the assembly, you have to handle the dial carefully. It is the visible part of the watch and consists of two feet that slide into two holes in the platinum. After placing the dial correctly, that is to say the lift stem at 3 h, it is necessary to delicately screw the screws that are on the flan of the platinum at the level of the holes. This step, which seems simple in appearance, is not necessarily. Since the feet of the dial are fragile, the main thing is not to force.


The second phase is more delicate, it is the laying of needles.

Using the needle stick, it is important to "hunt" them. This step is to align the needle of the hours (the smallest of the three) well in front of the 12. It must be close to the dial without touching the indexes. The check is carried out by a needle tower to detect if something prevents it from turning. The operation is repeated for the minute needle. The latter must be on flower of the needle of the hours without touching it and positioned well in front of the 12. Another round of verification is essential.

Finally, in order to check the alignment of the needles, it is necessary to start at 18h: if the two needles are perfectly straight and on the same line, then the laying of the needles was properly made. If this is not the case, the two needles should be removed by using the levers and a dial cache, an essential tool to avoid scratches.


Only after all these checks, the second needle can finally be positioned. It must be handled smoothly so as not to break the pivot which also serves the wheel. Once the needles are properly placed, the last checks concern the cleanliness of the dial, the box and the glass. A shot of rodico removes the traces of fingers and the last possible dust and then a dusting shot has passed through the interior of the box and on the glass. Finally, a last microfiber rag clears the traces of fingers.


After checking the cleanliness of each element, it is time to assemble them. To do this, remove the lift rod and place the movement inside the box. Attention must be paid to the direction in which the movement is positioned: the space that hosts the lift stem must be in front of the 3 hour index.

To maintain the movement and continue the skin, it is necessary to reinstall the lift rod without forgetting to carry out a last check of cleanliness.


Now that the movement is clean, installed in its box and the stiff lift stem, one must not forget the circle of embolism that keeps the movement in the box. Once all the elements are controlled and assembled, the latter must be closed. The movement consists of a stainless steel background and is screwed to the box via four small screws. Inside this bottom, a notch is provided for the blower stem (the notch should be matched to the blower stem).


The bottom now screwed and the case clean, there is only one step left: choose the bracelet and integrate it with the rest of the watch.


At Charlie's, our bracelets contain two pump spring bars with a push button. This system makes it easy to put on and remove the bars and thus change the bracelet just as easily.  This ingenious system allows anyone to change bracelets in less than 10 seconds, by themselves and when they want.


The watch is now ready to be worn!

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