Workshop for the manufacture of our leather goods in Spain | Charlie Paris Workshop for the manufacture of our leather goods in Spain

Workshop for the manufacture of our leather goods in Spain

Manufacturing workshop of our leather goods in Spain-Charlie Paris

You surely know us for our french watches for men and women, but Charlie Paris is also a young leather goods house. Just like our watches, we are committed to providing you with good quality products at a fair price. The signature bag marked the departure of our Charlie Paris leather goods. In the Charlie Paris small leather goods store you can find our Signature bags and our Midi bags as well as our wallets and card holders for men. But where does the leather for our leather goods come from?

  1. Ubrique: the city of leather?

  2. So what is our Partner Workshop?


1. Ubrique: the city of leather? 

Nestled in the heart of the Sierra de Grazamela natural park, the small town of Ubrique is the town that many foreign and French companies, including Charlie Paris, have chosen to manufacture their leather goods there. This village in the province of Cadiz in Andalusia is known to house 25% of the Spanish leather workshops. The quality and know-how of Ateliers d'Ubrique have given this city a world-class reputation. This is why many luxury houses have their leather goods produced in Ubrique, even if the workshops are careful not to disclose their address book.

This notoriety could well be accentuated if the city were granted the Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP). This European certification would allow consumers to have a guarantee as to the products they buy and their quality. He would have the guarantee of buying a qualitative product which reflects a true artisanal know-how, and which was made in good conditions.

2. So what is our Partner Workshop? 

We have chosen to work with one of the workshops located in Ubrique. We were quickly won over by the approach of this workshop founded in 1925: quality know-how, real responsiveness in our discussions, a family workshop on a human scale, as well as the prestige of the luxury houses with which it works. No doubt our leather goods are in very good hands! This mastery has been passed down from generation to generation since the creation of the workshop. L'Atelier currently has a dozen employees.

The first step in making our Signature Bags or even our small leather goods is the patronage step. All the parts necessary for their preparation are first cut out of paper. Then these first patterns are converted into steel "cookie cutters" which will then be attached to a press, which will allow the various pieces of leather to be cut easily.

Once the various pieces of leather have been cut, it's time for the remaking and trimming stage. The redesign makes it possible to equalize the thickness of the pieces of leather while the trimming step makes it possible to refine the edges of certain pieces so that they can be sewn more easily and that the final result is more aesthetic.

The parts are then assembled by hand. Before they are sewn together, the pieces of leather are glued, making the stitching step easier. The stitching stage consists of sewing the various pieces together so that the bag, the wallet or the card holder are born. This step is carried out by hand or using a sewing machine when the parts allow it.

The penultimate step is that of threading the leather. It consists of running a hot iron over the seams to make the final look prettier.

Finally, our leather goods are embossed and the metallic elements of our signature bag (chain, buckle) are added.

Charlie Paris leather goods are ready to be sent!



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