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Interview with the architects of our boutique Hugues et Paul

For this interview, we went to meet two inspiring personalities, Hugues de Blignières and Paul Jaquet, the two architects who are at the origin of our first boutique at 26 rue Pastourelle.

  • Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you met?

Hugues: We met during our studies, notably with the Babel collective that we founded together. The objective of this collective is to highlight the projects of students in architecture, design, graphics or from other para-artistic disciplines, through web publication or events. Today, we are writing new stories through our collaborations on real projects.

  • What was your course ?

Paul: I am an architect and town planner. After studying in Nantes, Paris and Montreal, I worked for a few years in Parisian agencies. Today, I develop my activity through projects ranging from interior architecture to urban planning.

Hugues: I trained at Esag Penninghen and the Rhode Island School of Design as an interior designer. Then I worked in Paris and New York in renowned agencies. For my diploma I had the chance to work on an exhibition space dedicated to watchmaking, so when Charlie Watch contacted us we were happy to accept.

  • How do you see architecture today?

Paul: The architectural professions, like many other disciplines, are increasingly sectorized. In other words, the work of the architect is increasingly dissociated from that of the interior designer, the decorator, the designer, etc. If these professions have become complex and have all their peculiarities, we work daily so that this sectorization is not transcribed in the spaces created.

Hugues: The basis of our work rests in part on the intersection of disciplines and scales. Our playgrounds range from object to building. Each change of scale calls into question our work process and causes crossings and shifts in ideas and practices. Design a house like a piece of furniture and conversely, design an object like a space.


  • How would you define your approach to architecture and design?

Paul: People are at the heart of our design. The beauty of a place or an object is often hidden in its way of highlighting uses, of magnifying the movements of man in his environment. Our creations seek a certain authenticity and have the ambition to encourage a state of well-being for the user.

Hugues: Our work also fights against the harmonization of tastes and the reduction of aesthetic diversity. We synergize our creative solutions to build unique, distinctive and lasting places. In our projects, we work on a style and not a trend. We seek to create a unique universe and experience.

  • Can you present the concept of the Charlie Watch store to us?

Paul: To design the first Charlie Watch flagship, we wanted to imagine a space that asserts a lasting identity. It was by taking inspiration from watches, their design and their materials that we created a place that magnifies them. The work of wood and its details, the blue of its walls, the custom-made furniture and the choice of its lighting, take up certain aesthetic codes of watches. Like Charlie, the flagship reinterprets Parisian elegance with contemporary sobriety.

  • What were the biggest challenges in designing the store?

Hugues: For the realization of a shop, the number one challenge is always the deadlines, these are express projects! Next, for the Charlie Watch store, the second major challenge was to master the quality of the details that enhance the watches. These elements have been worked with the greatest attention throughout the project.

  • What projects would you / would you like to work on?

Hugues: I believe that we do not have a privileged type of project, but we appreciate projects that require a crossroads of disciplines. We also like working with booming brands like Charlie, because being part of defining their spatial identity is extremely empowering.

  • Where could we meet you on a Saturday night?

Paul: Honestly on weekends I am more in the creeks in Marseille ... But if I am in Paris on a Saturday evening, you can find us at the restaurant le Many, at the Tiger with a Fishers gin, or at the Baranaan! Baranaan is our latest discovery, you can enjoy great cocktails revisited with Indian flavors while tasting naans, all in a Bollywood train universe. Good delirium.

  • What song do you listen to before going to work?

Paul: To be totally corporate, we would like to respond to music with Charlie Watts on drums. But in truth this morning I rather sought motivation through music by Connan Mockasin.

  • Your favorite watch from our collection?

Hugues: The one I have on my wrist, the automatic one with the ostrich bracelet ... By the way, that's probably the one that most inspired us to design the store.

  • What outfit will you pair this watch with?

Paul: With a well-cut shirt from Giotho, a young French brand that offers products with quality materials that are very pleasant to wear.

  • Why is Paris the best city in the world?

Paul: It is often said that the heart of Paris is a museum city. This is partly true, but this museum has a capacity for adaptation that surprises us every day: if its urban structure and its "walls" do not change, its substance is constantly reinventing itself, ever more dense, ever more intense. Paris manages to retain its identity while adapting beautifully to our lifestyles.

  • The final word ?

Hugues: See you soon for the next Charlie store!

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