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Automatic movement from the STP "Swiss Technology Production" manufacture

Among the manufacturers of Swiss watch movements it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. We are going to make sure that you see it a little more clearly through this article and explain to you why we have chosen to work with the Swiss manufacture STP for the Concordia automatic watch V2. This watch belongs to our collection of waterproof watch and of diving watch for men.

  1. La Manufacture STP, Swiss Technology Production
  2. STP1-11 movement, why we chose it?
  3. Overview of the major Swiss watch movement manufacturers



1 - STP1-11 movement, for Swiss Technology Production

STP is an acronym of Swiss Technology Production.This is a company that manufactures mechanical movements in Switzerland. Created in 2006, STP carried out four years of research & development before releasing in 2010 its automatic movement 3 hands date STP1-11. Today, STP movements are used by renowned Swiss watch companies. STP continues to innovate and improve by developing new movements that will be featured soon. Their motto "driven by passion, powered by innovation".

Here are the technical characteristics of the STP1-11 movementthat we are going to use on our Concordia Automatic.

  • Thickness : 4.6 mm
  • Ruby : 26
  • Display : Date, hour, minute, second
  • Shock absorber for the balance
  • Precision : -0 / + 15 seconds per day
  • Power reserve : 44 hours

Their movements have the advantage of being more recent and therefore more modern than ETA or Sellita movements. In particular, they have a higher power reserve on the STP1-11 movement than on the ETA2824-2 movement with a power reserve that goes from 42h to 44h.


2 - STP1-11 movement, why we chose it?

You should know that for an independent brand like ours, it is very difficult to get a movement from ETA or Sellita.

  • With limited volumes, a brand like ours does not deal directly with these manufactures but is obliged to go through intermediaries or "brokers".
  • And these intermediaries do not buy the movements themselves from the manufacturers but from the big brands who have themselves bought these movements from the manufacturers.

When we want to buy a Swiss automatic movement from ETA, the prices can therefore vary enormously depending on their availability at the time and the margin applied by the manufacture, then by the "big brand" then by the intermediary.

At Charlie Paris, one of our missions is to introduce you to mechanical watchmaking by making it accessible. We have chosen to develop almost exclusively directly in order to eliminate the margins of intermediaries (distributor and watch store). This allows us to offer you automatic watches for men and automatic watches for womenwith excellent value for money. That is why we believe that at this time it does not make sense for us to continue working with ETA. It does not correspond to our vision to offer you french watches at the fairest possible price. We have therefore decided to stop going through intermediaries to obtain Swiss automatic movements and to favor short circuits.

You should know that beyond Switzerland, Japan has over the years established itself as a key player in mechanical watchmaking. In particular, we have written an article to help you choose between a Swiss automatic movement and a Japanese automatic movement.

3 - Overview of Swiss automatic watch movement manufacturers

  • ETA

First of all, the main player in the market for mechanical movements of Swiss origin is the manufacture ETA which is a subsidiary of Swatch Group. This position can be partly explained by the fact that ETA enjoyed a virtual monopoly for a while. The most famous and widely used ETA movement is the movement 2824-2. This is a self-winding movement that we used for the first edition of our Concordia automatic watch.


Then there is Sellita which markets its own movements. The vast majority of movements produced by Sellita are inspired by ETA movements. Sellita is actually owned by ETA and this company has made its way into Swiss manufacturers because the demand for ETA movement has exploded.


Founded in 1946 by William Mosset in the Waldenburg Valley, Ronda is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-precision mechanical and electronic quartz movements. More specifically, Ronda produces mechanical and quartz movements for famous watch brands. These transform the movements produced by Ronda into brand watches, ranging from classic or sports watches to fashionable accessories and luxury models. A family business run by the third generation of its owners, Ronda is now based in Lausen where its head office is located.


Since 1966, Soprod has been a watch production company that develops and manufactures reliable and efficient mechanical and quartz movements on behalf of Swiss watchmaking. Swiss independent movement supplier, Soprod was initially a company dedicated to “low cost” quartz production, then since 2008 it has been converted into Swiss Made quartz with high added value, then into connected movements.

STP1-11 movement

STP1-11 movement

STP1-11 movement