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Shop 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: - Tel: 0967411237

Meeting with Chrysoline de Gastine, the director of Balzac Paris

On the occasion of our collaboration with Balzac Paris, we went to meet the Gastines Chrysolin, co-founder and artistic director of the brand.

  • Hello Chrysoline, could you present yourself and describe us Balzac Paris in a few words?

My name is Chrysoline, passionate about fashion, decoration but also entrepreneurial adventure I created Balzac Paris with Charles (my beautiful brother) and Victorien (my husband). I am the happy mother of Garance and Colombe!

  • How did Balzac start? Have you always had the will to set up your business?

The adventure Balzac Paris started in 2011 with the bet a bit crazy to put the butterfly node back to the taste of the day! Pari succeeded! Balzac Paris constructs its community and in 2014 we launch with Charles full time in this crazy adventure, to make Balzac Paris a brand 100 % online, community, which is committed to offering all the products of the feminine locker for a more just and more responsible fashion.
​I discover a soul of entrepreneurs in the course of the Balzac Paris project! I have not always known that I would be creating my business but I am delighted to have skipped the step and I saw the adventure at 200 %​

  • How will you define the woman Balzac Paris?

​The woman Balzac Paris is free of her choices but also of her movements. She needs to feel well in her clothes and be able to wear them both day and night over the seasons, but also years. The woman Balzac Paris loves to consume responsible and chooses her clothes for their quality!

  • How do you see Balzac in 10 years? What are the wildest dreams you have for Balzac?

​I would like Balzac Paris in 10 years to be able to continue to have convictions and be more responsible! That our will to consume fashion differently has borne fruit and that our community is always more likely to follow us in our approach. The dream is that Balzac Paris has crossed the borders and has become the known brand of all for its collections in the air of time and its willingness to build a community and to exchange with it!

  • How do you imagine the new collections? What is the creation process?

As artistic director, I work hand in hand with the studio Balzac Paris composed of stylists and modellers. I am proud of our work, which consists in imagining the clothes in our Parisian workshop for a design of the garment of the canvas to the boss for an irreproachable figure and of the attempts on "real girls"! Our production is carried out in Europe and mainly in Portugal in workshops with the great know-how that have reasoned production chains.

  • Do you have a favorite neighborhood in Paris? Will you have good addresses to recommend to us in the corner? 

​The 9! Where I live! This area is full of good restaurants: caillebote, Pink mamma (for which you must be patient)! The crebey street of the martyrs or the delicious waffles right in front. The bookshop or the art gallery of Amélie ZEUXIS rue Clauzel ... And I am going!

  • Finally, Balzac combines fashion and literature. There is a book in particular that you would like to advise our readers?

​I liked a lot: waiting for Bojangles and it seems that the play is extra. ​

  • A word to finish? 

​Let's see our collaboration Charlie x Balzac that we have imagined hand in hand and that I'm not leaving anymore! Our two houses combine know-how and responsible consumption and this gave rise to a limited edition box for a French manufacture that is dear to us.

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Balzac betsBalzac bets

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