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2020: making the world more beautiful and better

2020: let's make the world more beautiful and better-Charlie Paris

A wonderful year 2020 from all the Charlie team!
This beginning of the year is an opportunity for us to share with you our mission: Make the world more beautiful and better.
  • Making the World More Beautiful
In particular, 2019 will have been for us the year of the first step in the leather goods that you have marvelously wellWelcome with our Signature bag. While we confined ourselves to the Horlogerie for 5 years, we now want to share our vision of the beautiful with other universes. The Horlogerie, the Maroquinerie, but not that. From sobriety, intemporality, harmony between classical and contemporary design. Beautiful, good, good, pleasure, emotion and extreme attention to detail.
Everywhere, we will be looking to marvel at you and make this world a more beautiful place.
  • Making the World Better
Because the beautiful goes with the good and we are convinced that as a company of today and tomorrow, we owe it to us to have a committed and responsible approach.

Since our inception, we have always sought to make the world better by having a positive social and environmental impact on the world, and we want to go even further in 2020:
  • First, by making our teams always happier to get up each morning for you. We think very simply that this starts with "making the world a better place."
  • Secondly, by improving customer experience. By the quality of our products, surprising or even investing more on the customer service. We will move in mid-2020 to offer you a much more extensive shop experience.
  • Thirdly, by making our products more responsible, that is to say who last better in time and with a positive social and environmental impact.
We will be quick to talk about our future initiatives,

The most beautiful is the future,

Ambroise, Adrien and all the Charlie team

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