Why choose and buy an automatic watch: Our 5 reasons

Why choose and buy an automatic watch: Our 5 reasons-Charlie Paris

Why choose and buy an automatic watch? After having been brutally affected by the arrival of Quartz movements in the 1970s, the automatic watch is now on the rise. These watches are very popular with collectors and watch enthusiasts for their complexity and the beauty of their movement. You don't know what an automatic watch is ? This is'a watch without electronic element and without battery. Theautomatic watch recharges thanks to the movement of the wrist of the wearer. A well-maintained automatic mechanical watch will follow you for generations, its lifespan is almost endless. We detail in this article 5 reasons to choose and adopt a watchautomatic.

  1. Automatic watch: Top 5 reasons to choose and adopt it
  2. Automatic watches by Charlie Paris


1. Automatic watch: Top 5 reasons for thechoose and adopt it

Here are the Top 5 reasons to choose and adopt an automatic watch :

1 - The display:The movement of the hands is more fluid and linear than on quartz watches, where the second hand makes small jumps. Thus the time display is much more aesthetic on an automatic watch.

2 - The ecological aspect: A automatic watch is a watch without electronic element and without battery. You will therefore no longer need to visit your watchmaker every 2 years to change the battery in your watch. So by buying an automatic watch you are choosing a durable and ecological watch.

3 - The movement: All our automatic watches reveal the finesse and complexity of the mechanism with which they are provided thanks to a transparent sapphire crystal caseback. The self-winding mechanical watch is a concentrate of technical knowledge, a truly fascinating timepiece!

4 - Durability:A well-maintained mechanical watch will follow you for several generations, its lifespan is almost infinite. A review every 5 years will allow your automatic watch to be by your side for a lifetime. If a mechanical watch malfunctions after many years of use, it will be repairable unlike Quartz watches which will need to be replaced.

5 - A living object : Choosing an automatic watch means choosing a watch that lives to the rhythm of the person who wears it and has done so for centuries. No electronic compound, simply a chain of cogs that works thanks to the kinetic energy created by the movements of the wrist.


2. Automatic watches by Charlie Paris

The automatic watch is an essential accessory, it not only asserts a look with style, but also adapts very easily to everyday situations. At Charlie Paris, we put all our enthusiasm and skills to create timeless and unique automatic watches for men and women with excellent value for money. Indeed, a well-chosen automatic watch will adapt to the lifestyle of the wearer. Each of our models for men and women is therefore a great opportunity to find the ideal automatic watch, but also to personalize it with a interchangeable strap. The classic and contemporary design of our Initial watches will accompany you for many years to come.

An automatic movement is very complex and requires very meticulous work up front. We offer automatic watches for women men. The Initial Open Heart watch reveals the inner workings of the movement to let you enjoy them. Woman as man, with this watch you can admire the elements of your movement like rubies.

We offer automatic watches for men suitable for each of you: sporty-looking watches like our GR watch, or more urban watches like our Initial automatic watches. Our Initial watch collection includes elegant automatic lifts with or without complications. Whichever automatic watch you choose, you can always enjoy at the back of your watch its rotor-made movement that rotates according to the movements of your wrist.

So, convinced? Don't wait any longer and discover now our collection of automatic watches for men and women designed and assembled in France.

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