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How to choose your first watch?

The first watch often has great sentimental value and that is why it is important to choose it well. But finding your first watch is no easy task. Among all the timepieces on the market, it is easy to get lost. Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you advice and guides you tochoose your first watch.

  1. Which movement to choose for your first watch?

  2. Watch materials and design

  3. Choosing your first watch, by Charlie Paris


1. First watch: Which movement to choose?

To help you choose your first watch, it is important to ask yourself a few questions beforehand. Before embarking on your research in more detail, we advise you to choose what type of watch you want to adopt. A mechanical watch or a quartz watch? Don't worry, we'll guide you to make the right choice.

The quartz watch has undeniable practical advantages, such as its precision or its resistance. A quartz watch only varies a few seconds a month. Quartz movements are also less fragile than mechanical movements which are made up of many more parts. Finally, if you are looking for a slim and inexpensive first watch, the quartz watch has a definite advantage. Conversely, mechanical watches are more widely recognized for their durability, the nobility of their mechanics, the heritage of tradition and watchmaking know-how. Choose a automatic watch it's choosing a watch that lives at your own pace, because it recharges with the movements of your wrist.

At Charlie Paris, we do everything we can to help you find THE watch that suits you. Whether it is quartz or automatic, your watch must above all be pleasant to look at because it is an accessory that you will wear every day. The appearance of your watch and the effect it gives you on your wrist is therefore very important. In addition, the story that your watch will tell you is fundamental. You can appreciate your watch for its aesthetics, its mechanism, the values ​​embodied by the brand or even the moment in your life that it will mark such as an anniversary or an engagement gift for example.


2. Materials and watch design

You should like the design of your watch, especially if it is your first watch. An automatic watch is a beautiful accessory that you can keep for many years. The automatic watch presents various designs with or without complications.

If you are looking for an automatic watch with a sleek design, the elegance and simplicity of a three hand automatic watch should appeal to you. Conversely, if you like complicated automatic watches, an automatic calendar or power reserve watch will suit you better. If you like the mechanism of an automatic watch you are going to like open heart watches or skeleton watches. These automatic watches let you glimpse the inner workings of the watch movement.

The first watch holds a special place in our hearts and that is why we want to wear it and keep it as long as possible. To keep your first watch for many years, it must use good quality materials. The better the quality of the glass of your watch, the case or even the strap of your watch, the more your watch will survive the years. Choose resistant watch glasses such as sapphire crystal, solid watch cases such as a corrosion-resistant 316L steel case. Finally, give importance to the bracelets because they change the style of a watch. There are leather, steel or nylon bracelets. For a classic and timeless style, choose a leather watch strap, more precisely grained leather. Smooth leather is also a classic, more contemporary than grained leather, this type of leather has the advantage of acquiring a patina over time. You can also add a touch of originality to your watch by choosing exotic leather straps such as an ostrich leather strap.


3. Choose your first watch, by Charlie Paris

All our Charlie Paris watches are designed, designed and assembled in France. Through each of our models, we try to convey our passion for watchmaking to you and to offer you a variety of models to best meet your expectations.

At Charlie Paris we offer you different models of mechanical and quartz watches, while using quality components and at a fair price. Let us introduce you to our selection of premier watches for men and women.

  • Initial Automatic Watch for men: As its name suggests, the Initial Automatic watch is an introduction to automatic watches: ideal as a first watch! The initial is an elegant mechanical watch that you can wear every day or at night. If you like horological complications, this watch is available with a power reserve or in a calendar version. For a classic watch, choose a white dial and a midnight blue dial to add a touch of modernity.
  • Women's Initial Automatic Watch: The Women's Initial Automatic is available in a three-hand, open-heart version. Clean lines and harmonious curves make the Initial a Ladies watch very elegant. This refined watch features a silver or rose gold colored stainless steel case.
  • Quartz watch for men: La Bastille is a quartz movement watch with a sober, elegant and timeless design. This city watch is designed, designed and assembled in France. The Bastille exists with a white, blue, green or black dial, and has a system of interchangeable strap which allows you to personalize yourmen watch as you wish. We offer a wide choice of materials, with bracelets in smooth leather, grained leather, rawhide, ostrich leather or Milanese mesh, and many colors such as black, brown, blue, green bracelets, etc.
  • Quartz watch for women: The Sully is a very refined little watch for women. This french watch perfectly embodies the spirit of the house with its clean lines, with a design that is both elegant and contemporary. With its diameter of 30mm and its thickness of 6.5mm, the Sully is a slim watch for women. This quartz movement watch is available in rose gold or silver version and you can match it with a Milanese mesh bracelet. You can give the Sully the style you want by opting for a burgundy, terracotta, blue, green, red leather watch strap or for more sober colors such as black, brown or white.

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