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Solaire Monster: How does it work?

A durable, solid watch that respects the environment, is it possible? Yes, these are the three main purposes of a solar watch. Parmi quartz watches, a newtype of watch was created: solar watches. But what is a solar watch? How does it work? Many questions must come to your mind, we will try to answer them through this article.
  1. How does a solar watch work?
  2. How long does a solar watch battery last?
  3. How do you know if a solar watch is not sufficiently charged?
  4. So what are the advantages of a solar watch?
  5. Charlie Paris solar watches


1. How does a solar watch work?

As the name suggestssolar watchruns on energy from the sun. Solar watches, like battery-powered watches, are watches that use a thin strip of quartz. The latter is traditionally put into oscillation under the impulse of an electric battery, but in the case of a solar watch, the impulse given to this quartz strip comes not from the battery but from the energy resulting from the radiation. solar. Unlike theautomatic watchor at thequartz watch, Photovoltaic sensors are installed on the dial of solar watches in order to capture this energy and convert it into electrical energy which will then be stored in a battery so that the watch operates continuously.

The precision of a solar watch is similar to that of a quartz watch, namely a deviation of a few seconds per month, but the advantage of this watch is that the battery never needs to be changed.


2. How long does the battery of a solar watch last?

To recharge the battery of a solar watch to its maximum, you must expose it to the sun for 5 hours, this will allow the watch to operate for several months. Otherwise, exposure to the sun for five to ten minutes per day is enough for the watch to run nonstop.

A solar watch can also be recharged with artificial light, but recharging will be much less efficient. By way of comparison, it takes 6 minutes of exposure to the sun for the watch to be charged one day against 4 hours with interior lighting (artificial lighting).

Be careful, however, if you plan to buy a solar watch, do not allow the watch to be put in the dark for too long, and the watch to stop spinning as this seriously damages the battery. So be careful if you stop wearing your sun watch. Consider exposing it to direct sunlight every 3-4 months for at least 5 hours.


3. How do I know if a solar watch is not sufficiently charged?

Most solar watches have a system that warns you if they have run out of battery. If you notice that your second hand turns every two seconds instead of turning in one-second intervals, your watch has run out of battery. Expose your solar watch for a few hours in the sun and it will be charged again!


4. So what are the advantages of a solar watch?

A solar watch is a watch where the battery does not need to be changed every 2 years, so it is a greener alternative to traditional Quartz watches.

In addition, a solar watch is a reliable and precise watch given that it uses Quartz technology. It also has an autonomy of several months which is not negligible if we compare this power reserve with that of an automatic watch which is more of the order of a few days. In short, the solar watch combines the precision of a battery-powered watch with almost automatic recharging of the battery and a power reserve of several months.

Finally, the last advantage of a solar watch that we can mention is that the solar watch is a unique watch. Even though they have been around for almost 30 years, solar watches are not very widespread in the watch market. The solar watch allows its users to have a truly different and original watch, which breaks through the dichotomy between automatic watch and quartz watch.


5. Charlie Paris solar watches

The Solaire Charlie Paris watch is designed, designed and assembled in France. This watch with a design that is both classic and contemporary, works thanks to the energy of the sun. Thanks to its invisible solar panel placed under the dial, its autonomy is unlimited. With a 316L steel case which has the particularity of being stainless, sapphire crystal which is almost unbreakable and scratch-proof, as well as a waterproofness level of 5ATM, you can live with your watch serenely every day. many years.It is an elegant mixed-size watch for everyday wear with a interchangeable strap different depending on his outfit or his mood.

Here are the characteristics of our Charlie Paris solar watch:

  • Movement :Solar quartz, the battery recharges with daylight
  • Box:Polished 316L stainless steel
  • Glass:Sapphire, ultra-resistant, anti-reflective
  • Case diameter:37mm
  • Thicknessof the case:8.5mm
  • Bracelet:Interchangeable 18mm wide
  • Guarantee:24 months (see our terms of use)
  • Sealing:5ATM

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