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GR : what are these great hiking trails ?

GR: What are these Great Hiking trails? -Charlie Paris

What is a GR route ?

If you walk regularly in the forest you have surely encountered these famous red and white beacons5cm thick and 10cm wide. You may not know this but these tags indicate that you are on a route GREECE ®, a path of great hike. Today the GR trailsgrid the hexagon and are managed by the French hiking Federation. 8500 volunteers are active to maintain the approximately 180,000 kilometers of GR trails and allow you to enjoy the large green spaces without getting lost thanks to the signage below.


what is a gr trail               

A little history ... How were the first GRS born?

It all starts with Jean Loiseau, a passionate nature and hikesince his first experiences with scouts around 1910. In order not to live his passion alone, he founded a walking group, the "travelling companions" with whom he will walk the many hiking trails in France and Europe.

In 1936, after the election of the Popular Front, the first paid leave act is adopted, and grants workers 2 weeks of paid leave per year. So the French have more time for leisure and more time for hiking. 

Very quickly Jean Loiseau wanted to share his passion, but the arrival of the Second World War delayed his project to mark the trails of France to make them accessible to as many people as possible. In 1946 with the help of Touring Club of France, Jean Loiseau sets up a master plan to mark the paths and trails of the national territory. A signage (today known to all) is also developed, the famous red and white lines.

In 1947, the National Committee of great hiking trails (CNSGR) and the first marked trail is born, the first 28 kilometers of the route GR 3 between Orleans and Beaugency have just been signposted for the general public.

Quickly many marked trails are born, among them the route GR ® TMB in 1951, the hiking route around mont Blanc. In 1952 the Great hiking committee already manages more than 1000km of GR trail. 20 years later it's 10,000 km of trailgreat hike which are marked and 25,000 Topo-guidesGREECE which are sold ! Speaking of topo guide, the first was born in 1944. This guide, owned by the CNSGR, lists in map form the different routes GREECE.

In 1978, the CNSGR became the French hiking Federation (FFR) ; this sports federation now has more than 250,000 members

The GR trails today

Today the trails of great hike, trail GREECE, spread over more than 180,000 kilometers. They are maintained by some 8500 volunteers and passionate beacons who activate gps, brush or serpette in hands to continue to make this activity live and guide hikers. The beacons of the Ffrandée are the 1st ramparts of protection of a living and fragile network.


Charlie Paris x FFR

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In addition ourGREECE is a waterproof watch 10 ATM, so it will accompany you from the top of the mountains to the depths underwater. TheGREECE is therefore definitely a sports watch.

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gr trail

gr great hike




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