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The green shows the star of the season

For September, Charlie Paris celebrates green by offering two new models of green watches, joining the invincible Emerald Dawn wife.The color green intrigue, fascinate, and its meanings are many. Symbol of hope, luck or prosperity, green is a surprising and very daring bet.

Within this article, Team Charlie is pleased to present you the ascent of thegreen shows in watch collections and its modelswoman watches and ofman watches predominantly green.

  1. The watch in the spotlight green
  2. L'Aurore emerald female starlet
  3. Our new male green watches

1. The green shows in the spotlight

Usually with blue dials, black or white, the watch surprises green, connoisseurs to amateurs. But why such a trend?2019 Birth of pandemic Covid-19. The world is in a health crisis and robbing people many freedoms. Containment, curfew; clothing trends, such watch, are not at their peak. To overcome the lack of daily joy, fashion has taken a radical turn in offering high collections in colors and daring surprising associations.

The watch Green is the perfect example: intriguing color, rarely used in watchmaking, filled symbols forgotten during this complicated period like hope, abundance, but mostly prosperity.

exploited Shades of green are multiple:

  • the army green and khaki variants, including used to toolwatch an adventurer or a vintage reissue.
  • British Racing Green, advocated for automobiles watches that will appeal to fans of all four wheels.
  • the forest green, chic color par excellence that will appeal to lovers of classic style
  • emerald green, for those wishing to innovate, as Dawn emerald at Charlie Paris.

Vibrant Color, lacquered, degraded, or guilloche decorated, the combinations are many and promise to satisfy all your desires.

2. The Dawn emerald female starlet

Designed and manufactured in France, Emerald Dawn has been designed to accompany you in your active life woman. This modern lines shows both athletic and feminine fits all everyday situations. With a 32mm housing steel and 316L stainless brushed, a 16mm band width, a Citizen movement Miyota GL30, of an inorganic glass and a sealing 10 ATM, Dawn is available in emerald green. On this luminous dial, come to ask all needles volumes where the sun's rays are reflected perfectly. Emerald green will perfectly match with your outfits as day evening.

Discover our female green watch, Dawn emerald in our physical store rue Saint Andre des Arts in Paris and doing the difference by daring color this trendy!

3. Our new male green watches

As "retracted" rhymes with "new" Charlie in Paris, we are pleased to present in early September our two new male green models:

  • Watch "Bastille - Green"

For this watch whose case is 39mm in diameter, we chose to play on the contrasts of textures and shapes: polished steel on the glasses and the bottom, but brushed on the horns and the slice; A rounded dial but well sliced ​​beveled horns for a racy design. The sword-shaped needles as well as the indexes lined at 3, 6, 9 and 12H bring sharpness and a perfect readability to the watch. A magnificent timeless assembly shows in France, with a sapphire antireflet glass, a Citizen Miyota 0T45 movement and a 10ATM sanguity.

The Bastille comes back this year with a splendid green forest dial that will provide you with the most distinguished look. Charlie Paris promises a new green watch at the peak of Citadine Trends 2021.

  • Watch "gr - green"

Crewed and Assembly in France, the GR - Great Hiking - is a 10Atm Waterproof Men's Watch for Time and Nature. Available in this new green color with automatic mechanical motion, it has an inspired design of the past but with a resolutely modern sports character. Grown® is a trademark filed by the French Federation of Hiking with whom we have established a partnership.

The ultra-resistant sapphire glass of the GR puts more than in value the incredible green forest dial of this elegant sporty. Our new automatic watch will accompany you in all the events of your life, the most common to the most fascinating.

Charlie Paris is all the more proud to present his models in the colors of nature and especially the environment. The brand is committed to providing a mastered and sustainable production model, eco-friendly packaging, environmentally friendly leathers and recycling of all competition. Ourcommitments and our Eco liability watchmakerare an integral part of our line of conduct, on which we are particularly rigorous.

As a good news never happens alone, all our watch boxes can be equipped with green Mick leather bracelets in 14.18 and 20mm for men and women but also green forest green forest bracelets and green nylon bracelets in 20mm for men.

So, will you be the audacious year with a green wrist watch?