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What watch can be used to celebrate graduation?

Graduation is an important milestone for a person who has been studying for many years. His friends and family are very happy to share this event. Whether your friend, son or daughter graduated or not, All those who care about them can organize celebrations and choose a gift to congratulate them. But how to choose the perfect gift for the graduates? For such an important occasion, the gift must be symbolic, so that the graduates can remember the moment. Whether boys or girls graduate, the most meaningful gift is a gem. Los Angeles Wrist watch So it can be a great gift to congratulate your lover. Today, team Charlie shows you the watches they've chosen to celebrate college or other degrees.

  1. We choose men's watch to celebrate graduation
  2. We choose female watches to celebrate graduation

We choose men's watch to celebrate graduation

Horizon - white dial

The horizon is Chronograph Watch With replaceable bracelet, fashion design, sports. With a voiceThe shell is 40mm in diameter and less than 1cm in thickness. It is a perfect proportion male watch. On the dial, we stick sharp chrome plated hands at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, and stick hands every second to make the watch look very moving. 

Chronograph Watch

Initial open heart - white dial

The initial hollow white dial is Men's Automatic Watch Let the wheels of motion appear. It has the function of hour, minute, second and 24 hour counter. The glass of this watch is sapphire glass, which is a very strong component and is difficult to break or scratch. Its shell is made of 316L steel, which is a kind of stainless steel. Its luster will last over time and will not fade. The initial opening allows you to appreciate its movement mechanism, its gears, rubies and other elements that make up its movement. 

 Automatic installation personnel

2. We selected female watches to celebrate graduation

La sully – rose gold or steel

Ms. Sally's watch is Women's Quartz Watch-Yes. Exquisite and elegant, exquisite curve design and 30mm diameter suitable for all wrists, comfortable to wear, incomparable style. This rose gold women's watch has a champagne dial and a silver case with a white dial. Its interchangeable Bracelet system allows you to change the style and color of the bracelet according to your wishes. You can switch between smooth leather, textured leather or Milan mesh bracelets. You can choose from a variety of colors, including dark colors such as black, brown, chocolate, sea blue, green, Bordeaux, and brighter colors such as terracotta, peacock or white.

Exquisite women's Watch

Initial 36 rose gold or steel

The original women's watch is 36 Women's Automatic Watch Very elegant, combining exquisite lines and exquisite curves in the spirit of eternity and modernity.This watch has simple lines and exquisite curves. It is available in steel and rose gold versions. The rose gold version gives the watch a gem side and is an ideal choice to celebrate graduation. With its French made and high quality materials, it will accompany you for many years.

Women's Automatic Watch

We hope to help you with your research, and if you want to learn more, we invite you to explore our French men's and women's watches.