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A woman's watch, between a watch and a jewel

Women's watch is a fashion accessory, and has become a real jewelry for many years. Jewelry women's watches have different shapes and colors, and you can choose your favorite. In Charlie Paris, we know it's complicated to choose a jewelry watch. In this article, the Charlie Paris team will provide you with a choice Women's Watch Perfect jewelry.

  1. How to choose the jewelry women's watch correctly?
  2. Women's jewelry watch for your style and lifestyle
  3. Trend shows women jewelry
  4. Women's Watch Jewelry according to our watch brand Charlie Paris

one How to choose jewelry women's watch?

If a watch was originally a practical accessory, not an aesthetic one, it is becoming a real jewelry recently. Therefore, it is not easy to choose a female jewelry watch, because it has become one of the latest fashion trends. Watches have become an essential part, with a variety of shapes, colors and materials available.

This watch is suitable for all styles and can be worn in any occasion, but it requires the right ladies jewelry watch. To help you make your choices, consider the following two factors:

  • Design of watch: the model of your watch will affect its design, but even if you are looking for a sports watch, you can find a watch with elegant and exquisite design. If you want a watch that suits all your clothes, you should choose a simple and clean design. Choose modern, retro, classic or retro fashion based on your appearance.
  • Wrist size: depending on the size of the wrist, some watch models are more or less suitable for your form. The diameter and thickness of watches are two important factors that must be considered. If your wrist is thin, it's best to have a small watch, that is, a medium-sized bracelet and a small dial. Instead, a large dial watch is more suitable for a wide wrist.

2. women's jewelry watch suitable for your style and lifestyle

Choose a women's jewelry watch that suits your taste. To do this, please pay attention to the color and design of the watch. As for the design of a watch, you can choose a minimalist watch, an original open heart watch, or a very delicate Jewelry Watch Automatic watch.

The color of dial and bracelet also affects the overall appearance of the watch. Black, white, or color dial will produce different styles on your wrist. Choose the dial color that suits you. The white dial watch is timeless and offers a classic watch. on the other hand, Black watch for women Bring a modern sense to your watch. A watch with a color dial gives you a strange feeling on your wrist and is an ideal choice in summer. Choose your watch according to the color you want. In fact, you don't choose the same color, whether it's a watch at night, a watch in summer, or a watch you wear every day. Your watch must also be suitable for your lifestyle. Women's watches with leather bracelets are more vulnerable than those with strip bracelets, but they can produce more jewelry watch effects. Remember, the strap has a variety of colors. Brown, black, Navy, dark green or Bordeaux bracelets create a classic watch for you. Warm colors are more popular in autumn. Instead, in summer, you can choose light and soft bracelets, such as light blue, light pink, yellow, orange, or sky blue.


six Four trends show women jewelry

Black dial is a very popular trend, a jewelry women's watch. The graphic contrast of the black dial on the jewelry watch is not fresh, but the combination of these figures is still attractive. A pink gold woman's watch, pink gold needle in black background release, give you a very elegant women's watch. However, if you like, you can choose a black dial and a silver case to choose a more simple jewelry women's watch. Now all you have to do is decide whether it's a pink gold box or a cheaper silver box.

More and more women's watches adopt complex dial, and skeleton type women's watch is a big trend. Skull watch is a new field of women's clock industry! A striking blend of major watch complications, traditionally reserved for men's locker rooms, and seductive design for women's watches, ultimately makes this very conservative environment move lines. Bulgaria, an Italian manufacturer, is one of the pioneers in this area, with its new female auto watch lvcea. Skeleton watch lets you see gears and components of your automatic watch, such as ruby, whirlpool, etc.

Wigan watches are also a big trend, looking for a viable alternative to traditional animal leather bracelets, which are currently a fascination of Swiss manufacturers. The color of the watch Interchangeable Bracelet Made of flannel, steel, cork or Wigan leather.

At present, people are very interested in women's small watches. On this watch, the time reading is secondary. Between refinement, elegance and caution, the models of the day emphasize the refinement of a fully feminine wrist. Retro style is the most popular style at present, and is also part of this exquisite watch.


4. women's Watch Jewelry according to our watch brand Charlie Paris

Charlie Paris shows you her women's Watch Jewelry:

  • Sally, a black dial, is a fashionable women's jewelry watch. The sully watch is a combination of elegance and feminine temperament, and its exquisite and black dial add a modern sense to all your clothes. Our black women's jewelry, the rally watch, has a steel or pink case. Sally rose gold brings a more jewelled look to your watch, while the steel watch offers a more cool watch. You just need to choose the style of your favorite watch!
  • The Initial 36 Open Heart watch is our open heart watch for women. If the skeleton watch is trendy it is because it is appreciated for the transparency of its mechanism that gives to see and admire the details and its movement. The aim of our green heart watch is also to offer the future owner the opportunity to see the internal architecture of his timepiece.
  • The Sully, a fine and elegant jewel woman watch. Its delicate curved design and 30mm diameter will suit all wrists, for wearable pleasure and unrivalled style. The Sully jewel women's watch comes with a steel or rose gold case and with different colors of dials: peach, emerald, black, champagne or white. It's up to you to choose the Sully and the bracelets you prefer!

All of our French watches are offered with bracelets with so-called "flash" pumps. Thanks to them you can change bracelets in seconds and without any tools.

Jewelry women's Watch

Jewelry women's Watch

Jewelry women's Watch