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Father's Day gives him a beautiful watch!

Father's Day is held on the third Sunday in June in France and father's day in 2021 will be held on Sunday, June 20. The date is coming. You don't know what to give him? Don't worry, Charlie Paris will take you to father's day and offer you a series of gifts.
  1. Father's day watch, a good gift
  2. Charlie Paris Watch we picked for father's Day

one Father's day watch, a good gift

Historically, father's day began in 1952, and after mother's day, mother's Day was officially established in France in 1950. The aim is to restore the balance between parents. Many countries celebrate father's day and pay tribute to their fathers. Adults of all ages give gifts to their father.

Anecdote: in 1949, French lighters manufacturers first proposed the idea of father's day for commercial purposes. In fact, to help launch gas lighters, the director launched father's day on the third Sunday of June 1950, with the slogan "our father told us that on father's day, they all wanted a flamingo." Subsequently, a 1952 act officially provided for father's day, which retained the rules for the third Sunday of June. To this end, a national Father's Day Committee was established to set up an award for the most successful father.

But what is the gift for father's day?
The Charlie Paris team has carefully produced a series of beautiful Charlie Paris watches for you. From classic watches to contemporary watches to sports watches, you will find the most suitable watch for your father. Every Charlie Paris watch is timeless and elegant. Each watch has different effects on its wrist. You can choose the watch that looks like it most.

two Charlie Paris Watch we picked for father's Day

In Charlie Paris, all our watches were hand-made and assembled near besansson, France, Through professional and experienced watchmakers, we choose to maintain price affordability through our intermediary free distribution model, thus making greater investment in the quality and sustainability of our products.
We provide various types of men's watches: automatic watch, quartz watch, sports watch, diving watch, timing watch... We have chosen the ideal men's watch for you as a successful father's Day gift!
  • Bastille, simple and elegant
Bastille is a simple and simple men's quartz watch. The details are important to us, and this timeless men's watch is a good example. We decided to play with texture and shape contrast, and you'll find polished steel on the mirror and bottom, but there is wire drawing steel on the corners and sections. This men's watch offers a round dial, but the bevel is well cut and the design is simple. Double the sword needle and index finger at 3, 6, 9 and 12 a.m., making the watch more legible and readable. This French watch is suitable for swimming and elegant.
  • The original open heart, both classic and modern
The first open heart is an automatic watch, which is very suitable for fathers who like watch machinery. The open heart of this watch reveals its moving wheel. This watch has 24 hours, hours, minutes, seconds and other functions. Through this watch, we hope to express our enthusiasm for mechanical clocks by providing you with an automatic watch, The original open core was made of 316L stainless steel and sapphire glass, which was difficult to break or scratch. With its modern and timeless appearance, the initial open heart will accompany your father for many years.
  • Horizon chronograph, sports fashion
Our horizon chronograph is a men's watch, with replaceable wristband, fashionable design, sports. Its shell is 40mm in diameter and less than 1cm in thickness. It is a very suitable watch for men's wrists. On the dial, we stick sharp chrome index fingers at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, and stick indicators every second to make the watch look very moving. In addition to the hour, minute, second and date functions, the watch also has a stopwatch function, with a large stopwatch showing seconds and a MIDI counter showing minutes.
  • Auto Concordia, invite you to embark on the adventure of the end of the world
Auto Concordia is a great idea to invite adventure all over the world for father who likes to travel. The men's watch is a diving watch with a 40 mm diameter shell, made of polished and drawn 316L steel. The pointer and pointer of this watch are super luminous. The sapphire glass of this watch is a little convex. Waterproof 300 meters, your father can easily replace bracelets thanks to our interchangeable Bracelet system. Choose nylon or steel bracelets, choose leather bracelets. Concordia is an automatic watch. Your father will love it!
  • The original standby power supply, a beautiful complex automatic watch

The original spare watch, with a blue or white dial, is a man's automatic watch that can accompany people who have worn it for many years. For this men's watch, we use high-quality materials such as sapphire glass, ultra-high strength and anti reflection, and 316L steel. In addition to the hour, minute, second and date functions, you can also find two counters, The top is a 40 hour watch reserve and the bottom is a 24-hour watch reserve. Calm, timeless, sharp needles and attention to detail make our original collection, as well as this variant of the watch reserve, a safe value for your father.
Explore our French watch Charlie Paris and find the ideal men's watch for father's Day!

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