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How has the gusset of Napoleon found in Cuba?

While we have just celebrated the bicentenary of a prominent figure in the history of France: Napoleon, Team Charlie Paris decides to present to you one of the many mysteries that still remain about the first emperor of the French. Today it is not his qualities as a politician or a military man who we have decided to talk to you about, but rather a mystery around him and more exactly his watch in gusto. Indeed, two hundred years after his death, many mysteries remain, including this one: how did the Emperor's gusset watch found in Cuba? Today, Team Charlie Paris tells you this incredible story.

  1. A watch for Napoleon's son
  2. A Watch Exposed in Havana
  3. The mystery is still whole

1. A watch for Napoleon's son

May 5, 1821, Emperor Napoleon 1Er He died at the age of 51 away from his home and country on St. Helena, a lost island in the South Atlantic, where the British sent him into exile after his last defeat at Waterloo. Today, its tomb is under the majestic dome of the Invalides. Napoleon who had no children with his first wife Josephine, then married Marie-Louise of Hasbourg-Lorraine, daughter of the Emperor of Austria with whom he had a child Napoleon François Joseph Charles, who was entitled " King of Rome." In his will, Napoleon asked for part of his property to be handed over to his son, who was then 10 years old. Among these items are his linen, books and watches, including a gold pocket watch Of French Boussot de Villeneuve(the famous gusset watch that interests us). Louis-Joseph-Narcisse Marchand, the valet of Napoleon and executor of the will, had to give it, along with other personal objects, to Napoleon's son. But the child will never receive it. Many people sought this watch, but it was not found and disappeared after the death of the Emperor.

Gusset to napoleon


2. A watch exhibited in Havana

Today, Napoleon's watch is in Cuba, behind a window of the Napoleonic Museum in Havana. How did Napoleon's watch come here? This watch was offered by Raul Castro, who gave it to the museum when he reopened in 2007, just before he became the Cuban head of state. But how did Napoleon's watch found in the hands of Raul Castro? To do so, we must go back one hundred and twenty-two years later. In 1959, one of the Cuban descendants of a certain Antommarchi offered Commander Raúl Castro the Napoleon's pocket watch as a wedding gift. Antommarchi is the last doctor of Napoleon, who carried out the autopsy of his body a few hours after his death. After the death of his wife in 2007, Raúl Castro donated it to the Museo Napoleónico.

Gusset to napoleon 

3. The mystery remains intact

The mystery surrounding this gold pocket watch remains intact. If today we know where it is, several mysteries remain: Did Napoleon give Antommarchi, before his death, the gold pocket watch? Or is it Marchand giving it to the doctor? Or is it the doctor Antommarchi who stole it? No one knows.

In any case, the official testament of Napoleon does not mention Dr. Antommarchi. After Napoleon's death, Antommarchi's career led him to Poland, Louisiana and Mexico. In 1837, he arrived in Cuba, where some distant but wealthy parents lived. In less than a year, he died of yellow fever. Even today, the mystery surrounding the gusset of Napoleon remains intact.