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Why choose a Quartz watch: Our 5 reasons to adopt it!

Why choose a Quartz watch? A real revolution in the 1970s, the Quartz watch is today the most marketed type of watch in the world, despite a strong enthusiasm for the automatic watch. Still not sure what a Quartz watch is and how it works? Discover our article on the specifics of this type of watch. In the meantime, here are the top 5 reasons to adopt a quartz watch.


Top 5 reasons to choose and adopt a Quartz watch:

  • The precision : unbeatable! Quartz watches shift on average only one to two seconds per month. In fact, as its name suggests, they use a thin strip of quartz which vibrates at a very regular frequency and allows the watch to be as precise. Thus, the quartz watch will not advance or delay unlike the automatic watch which can take up to 30 seconds ahead or behind per day.
  • Resistance : less fragile than a mechanical movement, the quartz watch more resistant to shocks and vibrations. It is therefore more suitable for sports and domestic activities
  • The price : Quartz watches are much more affordable than automatic mechanical watches. In fact, it is possible to find Quartz watches from a few tens of euros, although at this price the quality is very likely to not be there.
    • The thickness: Quartz watches are much thinner than automatic watches. So if you are looking for a slim and discreet watch, the Quartz watch will probably be more suited to what you are looking for.
    • The interview: Quartz watches require limited maintenance. Apart from changing the battery every two years, quartz watches do not require any specific maintenance unlike automatic watches which require relatively expensive maintenance every 5 years.


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