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Skeleton watch, automatic strip Watch

Skeleton watch, the automatic watch laid bare-Charlie Paris

Skeleton Watch: the definition of mechanical watch for men and women is different from other watches

What is a skeleton table?

One Skeleton Watch Mechanical watchSpecific aspectsPage: 1 The term "skeleton" refers to the aesthetics of the clock: The machine shows the whole clock machine, or part of the clock machine.

Why define skeletons? Simply put, because like the skeleton of a human body, the visible mechanism is the skeleton of a watch. It is this mechanism that enables the clock to run for many years.

Skeleton watch, his story

there Skeleton table It was created in the 18th century by French clock designer Pierre Augustine carlon. Please refer to our articleHistory of French watches and clocksUnfortunately, the quartz watch at that time was angry because of its accuracy and reduced production costs. Therefore, success is not predetermined.

It was not until 200 years later, when the Swiss watchmakers decided to adopt this special technology that the skeleton watch got its due attention. In fact, this is it Automatic watch They slowly returned to the ground Quartz watch (……) Automatic watch vs quartz watch). 

Open Watch: compromise between skeleton and classic watch

Although the skeletal table is very popular, there has been a lot of decline since then. there Open heart Watch This is a special skeleton watch invented by Frederick konstan in 1994. The aim is to restore the aesthetics of a rotating watch at a lower price.

Since 2014Charlie Paris Its mission is to create clear and outstanding watches at a fair price. We don't improve ourselves, we don't explore new horizons. That's what we've been doing for years The first woman's Automatic Watchcurrent Opening the heart watch for the first time

The heartbeat watch was signed by Charlie Paris

  • "For him, the watch is automatic"

Automatic heartbeat Watch

Automatic watch

Automatic watch

  • For her, the automatic watch was originally 36 open hearts

Female automatic heartbeat meter

home Charlie ParisOur mission is to provide you with sober and excellent watches at excellent prices and excellent prices Responsible manufacturingPage: 1 Our watch is "Made in France" Because they are designed, designed and assembled, and the French components are of high quality. We suggest a French watch male in order to female With different sealing levels and quartz movement or automatic. Do you have any questions? Our team is available by email to or by phone at09 67 41 12 37.

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