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blue dial watches: Is blue the new black?

There are still a few years, the vast majority of watch dials were black or white. Today many watches offer blue dials and some brands offer a collection models with only blue watches. Is the blue replacing the black watch? In this paper, the Team Charlie Paris back on the fashion of blue that has now become a must watch in color.

  1. Watch blue, "the blue is the new black"
  2. The black watch an unbeatable place?
  3. Our blue and black watches Charlie Paris

1. Blue Watch, "the blue is the new black"

The design, style and color of a watch dial are elements to consider when you want to buy a watch. When wearing a watch we look most often the dial, so you must pay attention to its appearance. The watch dials can contain various elements such as a date, power reserve, a counter 24, etc. All of these functions is often organized on a white or black but in recent years the blue eye-catcher.

During trade fairs watchmakers of Geneva we see developing multiplication watch with a blue dial. The blue color comes in a multitude of shades, from light blue to dark blue through indigo. Currently, blue dial watches are the ones that sell the most. In addition, certain watch collections dedicated only to blue as Bucherer house that launches in 2016 his collection called Blue Editions. This collection of watches has only watches with in common the color blue and is enriched each year new pieces. Chez Charlie Paris, we consider the blue as well as white and black. We create for you many watch models blue dial andmade in France. Among our blue watches, you will find watches for men and watches for women, Quartz and automatic movement.

Most sports watches come with black or white dials, but increasingly watch features blue dials as our beautiful Automatic man shows Concordia. The blue dial watches seem to be more versatile than those with black or white dial. Indeed, a blue watch can easily be worn, both with an elegant outfit with a casual outfit. For this we recommend you to play on your watch strap and the following fit your needs. A watchband leather for a formal dress and a nylon strap or steel for a watch to the sporty look. The blue dial does not diminish the elegant side of the watch, but gives it a more "current" appearance. Obviously, it all depends on the overall aesthetics of the watch.

2. shows an invincible black spot?

In the early 20th Century, the watches were content with a white dial with different hue and the color was not widespread on the cadrans of watches. It is necessary to wait until the 30s so that the black appears on the cadrans of watches. At this time of the watches to the blue or red dials also appear but they are perceived as eccentric. Conversely, the black watch is considered the favorite color for watches, especially for professional-use time guards. Indeed, on a black background, the blank indications become extremely legible. It is for this excellent reason that military watches, and in particular those for pilots, have from that moment and almost systematically black dials. Today, the black watches are always very present but they are more chosen for their aesthetics. In terms of blue watches, they enjoy more than the black watch because they represent the current watch trend. The blue watch is more recent and is more appreciated than a watch at the vintage mind.

According to the Christian Dior Couturier: "Black and white could suffice, but why deprive yourself of color? And among all the colors, the navy blue is the only one able to compete with black, which he has the qualities. But can we say that blue does dethrone the black? The black was the standard for a long time, both in the register of classical refinement and in that of sport. However, blue has the elegance of black while adding a touch of originality. In addition, a blue dial allows a better readability than a dark dial, especially for chronograph or diving watches.

In recent months, it is the green that has seen its rating increase to the point of giving birth to the formula "Green Is the New Blue". However, it is less fortunate for this color to reach the long term but it can be considered that it will remain a beautiful and interesting alternative, in the same way as red or brown. When asking manufactures and distributors, they confirm that blue remains, to date, an essential value and that no brand would dare to deprive oneself in its collections.

The black has an image except, a symbol of power, elegance and sobriety. Even if the blue has a strong status, the black remains inescapable. These two colors of watches are great classics, the black watch is an older essential as the blue watch that is more recent. It's up to you to choose the dial color you prefer!

3. Our blue and black watches by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we offer models of blue and black watches, to best meet all your desires. Discover our Quartz watches and automatic, blue and black,For women and men.

The Waterproof Women's Watch Blue

Blue shows woman 

Concordia Black Quartz Diving Watch

quartz watch man 

Blue mixed solar watch

solar watch

Blue Horizon Men's Men's Watch

Man chronograph watch

The Black Concordia Diving Man WatchDiving man shows

Blue initial automatic man watch

Automatic man shows