Miyota movement 9132, mechanical movement with power reserve indicator

Miyota 9132 movement, mechanical movement with power reserve indicator - Charlie Paris

What is the Miyota 9132 self-winding mechanical movement? Movement recognized internationally for its robustness and reliability, the Miyota 9132 movement has proven itself. Always in search of precision and reliability, at Charlie Paris we use the Miyota 9132 movement in our watches. Let us present this movement to you in more detail.

  1. Citizen Miyota Company
  2. Features of the Miyota caliber 9132 movement
  3. Our Charlie Paris watches equipped with the 9132 movement


1. Citizen Miyota Company

Founded in 1918, the Citizen manufacture is a Japanese company recognized internationally for the robustness and reliability of its movements. It is on it and its movement caliber Miyota 9132 that we turned when choosing the mechanism of our automatic watchInitial Power Reserve.

But what is the Miyota movement?


2. Characteristics of the Miyota caliber 9132 movement

Here are the technical characteristics of the movement:

  • Miyota caliber 9132 movement
  • Thickness: 5.52mm
  • Ruby: 26ruby
  • Display: Date, hour, minute, second, power reserve indicator, 24h counter
  • Shock absorbers for the balance
  • Precision:~ -10 + 30 seconds per day
  • Power reserve: 40 hours

The Charlie Paris team agrees to praise the merits of this mechanism. Watchmaking enthusiasts agree to qualify this movement as a real "tractor", for its robustness and reliability. This movement has manual winding, which allows you to wind your watch yourself, using the crown, if you have not worn it for several days and the power reserve has run out. But that shouldn't have happened thanks to the power reserve indicator! All these qualities together and its great precision make it a reliable, very serious and very popular movement.


3. Our Charlie Paris watches equipped with the 9132 movement

At Charlie Paris, we are committed to offering you french watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money andresponsible manufacturing. We offerautomatic watches for women and men, as well as quartz movements.

The Initial Réserve de Marche Charlie Paris is equipped with the 9132 movement. This complication automatic watch has a power reserve that tells you how long the mechanism of your automatic watch can continue to operate without you wearing it or winding it. . At the bottom level of your watch face is the 24h dial, and as the name suggests, the hand of this dial makes a full revolution in 24 hours.

We also released a day / night edition where we changed the 24 hour dial to a starry Day / Night disc.Designed, designed and assembled in France, the Initial Réserve de Marche is an automatic men's watch with complications, with a design that is both classic and contemporary, which will accompany you for many years to come.

Dtake a photo of the Initial Power Reserve without further delay!

power reserve watch

power reserve watch

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