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How to clean a leather watch strap?

Leather is a natural material and should be avoided by water as it can change the shape and color of your bracelet.

In order to keep your watch as well as possible, it is important to clean your watch strap. Every day, you just need to wipe your leather strap from time to time with a soft, lint-free cloth. However, there are different types of leather, each of which requires specific maintenance for further maintenance.


How to clean a leather watch strap: the steps

To protect your wristbands from dirt, humidity and the sun leather, whether smooth, raw or vegetable tanning, we recommend that you take the following steps.

For this, you will only need two soft cloths and a little soap (optional).

1 - Using a soft cloth, dust your leather strap before cleaning it,

2 - Moisten your soft clothwith a little water. You can add a little soap if you want. However, if you add soap, use very little so as not to damage the leather of your bracelet.

3 - Gently brush your bracelet using the slightly damp soft cloth to degrease your bracelet. Ideally, you should clean your bracelet on the inside and outside, of course paying particular attention to the seams.

4 - Dry your bracelet using a soft dry cloth

5 - Let your bracelet air dry and at room temperature

Certain particular leathers require certain specificities. This is the case, for example, with our ostrich leather bracelets whois used on some of our bracelets. It is a supple and exotic leather that has great resistance to heat but still requires care, especially to maintain its flexibility.

To properly maintain this type of leather, follow the same steps as above but proceed to a second dusting with a damp cloth this time. Then, when you brush your ostrich leather strap, do it in circular motions to clean it well.

For better efficiency and to properly remove the dirt that settles in the hollows of your grained leather you can use a buffing brush instead of a cloth.

Regarding our Charlie Paris lizard bracelets, their maintenance is carried out in the same way as the steps detailed above. However, to avoid damaging your bracelet, run your cloth and avoid rubbing too hard so as not to damage the scales of your bracelet.


Our leather watch straps, by Charlie Paris

Extremely rigorous in the selection of our leathers, we work with various partners working only with Italian tanneries. In total, nearly forty operations are necessary to manufacture a bracelet. Such a commitment is the pledge of elegant, comfortable, and simply timeless bracelets.

In Charlie Paris, we offer you interchangeable watch straps high quality to give you the flexibility to customize your watch endlessly. All you have to do is choose watch strapmade for you.

Beyond their quality, our straps for men in 20mm and our watch straps for women in 14mm are very elegant. The lifespan of a leather strap varies depending on the nature of your skin and whether you take more or less care of it. With this bracelet system you can change your watch strapleather by a less fragile bracelet such as steel, Milanese mesh or nylon. To take great care of your watch, we recommend that you clean your nylon bracelet And clean your steel watch bracelet, and your other bracelets. To adjust your watch on your wrist, you need remove links from your steel watch Yes adjust your Milanese knit bracelet by hand.

At Charlie Paris, you can find watch bracelets with smooth leather, raw, grainy, vegetable tanning, lizard and also ostrich leather. So you can opt for different watch bracelets.Theleathervegetable tanning is environmentally friendly, as is the casevegan leather

Our Charlie Paris vegetable tanning leathers used for our men's and women's watch bracelets skate over time but still need to be maintained. Don't worry, the maintenance of your leather strap contributes to the development of its patina and its uniqueness.