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Why choose and buy an automatic watch: Our 5 reasons

Why choose and buy an automatic watch: Our 5 reasons-Charlie Paris

Why choose and buy an automatic watch:

After being brutally affected by the arrival of Quartz movements in the 70 years, theautomatic watchhas today the wind in the stern.

You don't know what aautomatic watch? Discover thereclicking hereour article detailing the specificities of this type of watch.

Here is the Top 5 reasons to choose and adopt an automatic watch 

1 - The display:Needles are moved more smoothly and linearly than on quartz watches, where the trotter makes small jumps. Thus the time display is much more aesthetic on an automatic watch.

2 - The ecological aspect: A automatic watch is a watch without an electronic element and without a drum.You will therefore no longer need to visit your watchmaker every 2 years to change the stack of your watch. So by buying an automatic watch you make the choice of a sustainable and ecological watch.

3 - The movement: All our automatic watches show the finesse and complexity of the mechanism provided by a transparent sapphire glass bottom. The automatic mechanical watch is a technical knowledge concentrate, a truly fascinating timepiece!

4 - Sustainability:A well-maintained mechanical watch will follow you over several generations, its lifetime is almost infinite. A review every 5 years will allow your automatic watch to be by your side for a lifetime. If a mechanical watch has a malfunction after many years of use, it will be repairable unlike Quartz watches which will have to be replaced.

5 - A living object : Choosing an automatic watch means choosing a watch that has lived at the pace of the wearer for centuries. No electronic compound, just a chain of wheels that works thanks to the kinetic energy created by the movements of the wrist.


So, convinced? Don't wait any longer and discover our collection of automatic watch for Man and for Woman drawn and assembly in France 

Why buy an automatic watch

Why choose a man automatic watch

women's automatic watch


To Charlie Paris, our mission is to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with an excellent value for money and a responsible manufacture. Our watches are 'Made in France' because they are designed, designed and assembled and France with high quality components. We offer French watches for man and for woman with different sealing levels and with quartz movements or subscriber trunk dialling. Do you have any questions? Our team is at your disposal by email to or by phone to09 67 41 12 37.

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