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Time show: What is it?

Chronograph watch: What is it?-Charlie Paris

What is a chronograph watch?

One chronograph watch denotes a man watchor a woman watchclassic which, in addition to the time display, has an independent timing mechanism. The term chronograph comes from ancient Greek Kronos which means time, and Graphô which means writing. Indeed on thefirst chronographs, the trigger of the push button dragged a circular ink deposit on a sheet. The time that had passed was calculated by the length of the line deposited by the chronograph.

On one chronograph watch, the timing mechanism triggers using pushers generally and allows the time elapsed between triggering and stopping the timer to be measured. The reset is made from another pusher. If the first ones chronograph watches exist since the beginning of the 19theme It was not until 1934 that the reset pusher existed.

To discover the history of the chronograph watch creation, click here

This function of “ chronometer” grafted onto a watch is called a complication. A complication in the watch domain refers to any additional functions added on a watch that allow other indications than time to be displayed. The chronograph is part of, with the date display, the most common watch-case timer complications.

ThechronographMaybe a man automatic watch, one woman automatic watch, or a quartz watch


What does a watch watch look like?

Onechronograph watchhas in general one or two meters in connection with the mechanism of timing. One of the counters counts the minutes that have passed since the timer is departed, the other counter will be used to measure the hours. The hour meter is not always present, as some chronographs provide a time measurement of up to one hour. A third meter is usually found on a chronograph watch, it is that of the small second, of the “trottery” relative to the time given by the watch.


watch chronograph: what is it

Show chronograph and watch chronometer: is that the same?

The chronograph watch is not to be confused with the clock watch. Indeed, in order for a watch to be called a time watch, the function of the watch must be extremely accurate. The chronometer function is certified by an organization named the COSC (Switzerland Official Control of Chronometers) To have a time watch approved by the COSC, it must undergo 7 tests at different ambient temperatures ranging from 8 to 38 degrees.

What is a chronograph watch


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