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What watch bracelet to choose?

Which watch bracelet to choose?-Charlie Paris

How do I choose his watch bracelet?

The leather watch bracelet

Traditional watch bracelet, the leather bracelet is accessible, sustainable and reliable. Carried to the wrist with a automatic watch, the leather watch bracelet will immediately give a very fancy, elegant and dressed style.

Be careful, however, about moisture. The leather bracelet, although resistant, remains a delicate accessory. We must not wet it.

At home Charlie Paris, we offer genuine leather bracelets respectful of the environment. We work with Leather Working Group certified tanneries of gold level (for more information on plant tanning, read this article).

watch man automatic bracelet leather

The nylon watch bracelet

The nylon bracelet is the perfect complement to the leather bracelet. More casual and sporty, the nylon watch bracelet will be your perfect companion during a sea holiday since unlike the leather bracelet, the nylon bracelet does not fear water.

automatic man watch

The steel watch bracelet

Later appearing within the watch bracelet family, the steel bracelet is both resistant, waterproof, and aesthetic. Appreciated for its robustness, the steel bracelet will accompany you in town as well as at the beach.

At home Charlie Paris, the quality of our products is at the heart of our concerns. All our steel bracelets are made fromstainless 316L steel(for more information, read this article). 

show man adventure

Watch bracelet loops

The bracelet loop is the element that will allow the bracelet to be attached to your wrist. There are two types of loops, which you can find on our models:

  • The slate loop: the simplest and oldest. It is composed of a slate and a frame attached to the bracelet thanks to a barrette. This type of loop is primarily used for soft bracelets, such as leather bracelets, or nylon bracelets.
  • The rolling loop:it is a closure system consisting of one or two metal flaps and equipped with a locking system. This construction prevents the watch from falling by accident. Generally, this kind of loop is used on more robust bracelets, such as steel bracelets.

man automatic watch 

At home Charlie Paris, we have the mission to offer you watches that are both sober and remarkable, with excellent value for money and a responsible manufacturing. Our watches are "Made in France" because they are drawn, designed and assembled and France with high quality components. We offer French watches for man and for woman with different levels of sealing and with quartz movements or automaticYou have any questions? Our team is available by email at or by phone at09 67 41 12 37.

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