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What watch bracelet to choose?

After choosing your watch, it comes time to choose your watch strap and this choice can prove to be a difficult task. Leather, nylon, steel or even flannel strap, among all these possibilities, how do you choose your watch strap? Through this article, we will discuss the different types of straps so that you choose the right watch strap for your lifestyle.

  1. The leather strap
  2. Nylon strap mount
  3. The steel watch strap
  4. Watch strap buckles


1. The leather watch strap

Traditional watch strap, the leather strap is affordable, durable and reliable. Worn on the wrist with an automatic watch, the leather watch strap like our ostrich leather watch strap will immediately give a very chic, elegant and dressed style.

However, be careful with humidity. The leather strap, although resistant, remains a delicate accessory. Avoid getting it wet, but you can clean your leather watch strap very well.

At Charlie Paris, we offer interchangeable watch straps made of genuine eco-friendly leather.For our men's watch straps and our14mm ladies watch straps, We work in particular with leather working group certified tanneries at gold level. Our system of interchangeable straps allows you tochange the watch band as you wantbecause we know that choosing a watch strap can be difficult.About our leather watch straps, nWe use vegetable tanning or chrome tanning. If you are tempted by a Milanese mesh bracelet, know that we offer two colors of bracelets, one silver color and another rose gold color. If ever your watch strap is too big, you can easily adjust your Milanese mesh watch strap according to your wrist size.


2. The nylon watch strap

The nylon strap is the perfect complement to the leather strap. More casual and sporty, the nylon watch strap will be your perfect companion during a vacation at sea since unlike the leather strap, the nylon strap is not afraid of water and you can therefore clean your nylon watch strap without no problem.


3. The steel watch strap

Appearing later in the family of watch straps, the steel strap is both resistant, waterproof and aesthetic. Appreciated for its robustness, the steel bracelet will accompany you in town and on the beach. It is quite possible for you to clean a steel watch strap and adjust it to the size of your wrist, for this you have to remove the links of your steel watch.

At Charlie Paris, the quality of our products is at the heart of our concerns. All our steel bracelets are thus made from 316L stainless steel.


4. Watch strap buckles

The bracelet buckle is the element that will allow you to attach the bracelet to your wrist. There are two types of buckles, which you can also find on our models:

  • The pin buckle: the simplest and oldest. It is composed of a pin and a frame attached to the bracelet by means of a bar. This type of buckle is mainly used for soft bracelets, such as leather bracelets, or nylon bracelets.
  • The folding clasp:it is a closing system made up of one or two metal flaps and equipped with a locking system. This construction prevents the watch from accidentally falling. Generally, this kind of buckle is used on more robust bracelets, such as steel bracelets.

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