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Which watch wearing on what occasion?

A watch is a real gem and reflects your tastes, your style and more widely your personality. Choosing a beautiful watch remains a moment to take seriously. There are many watch styles, basic model to the most elegant models and a show goes on every occasion. Knowing which watch wearing on which occasion can be a difficult choice but it is learned. To help you, here is a little guide for those who need or want some tips to choose the right watch for the right opportunity. By the way, if you have several watches, this article will help you refine your choices to adapt your time cudering after every occasion.

  1. Carry a watch at work
  2. Which watch wearing for a formal opportunity?
  3. Wearing a watch for sport
  4. What watch weaken on weekends?
  5. Choose a holiday watch

1. Wear a watch at work

In general, we distinguish two dress codes for a day. Work dress and another for our free time. The work watch will not be the same depending on the area in which you are changing and the dress code resulting from it. For example, if you work in costume, your watch must be "dressed", that is to say, be sober and elegant to harmonize with your outfit. In this case, favor classic and elegant design watches like our collection of Automatic watches for men Initial and our collection of Automatic watches for women Initial 36. Concerning the colors of dials and bracelets, promote sober colors like a white or blue dial. For the watch strap, choose a smooth or grained leather bracelet and choose concurring colors with those of your outfit.

If you work in a medium that does not need to wear a costume but who requires an elegant outfit, you can opt for a sports watch associated with a leather strap for a sporty, elegant and dynamic effect. Our Men's Horizon Chronograph watch associated with one of our leather bracelets is ideal. You can also opt for a beautiful automatic watch with a steel bracelet like our men watch Concordia. For women, we advise you our Fine Sully watch with its pink gold dial or silver. This Ladies watch Wonderly on female wrists and offers a very refined rendering. For a sporty and elegant outfit, the Aurora women's waterproof watch is ideal with its feminine lines, its bright dial and steel bracelet.

chronograph man watch

Conversely, if you work in an environment that imposes no dress stress, you can opt for a more relaxed watch. If this is your case, you have a wide choice of watches. You can choose a sports watch with a nylon bracelet like our GR man watch, our watertight watch for darling women or a plus citudine watch as our Male Quartz Bastille watch.

2. Which watch wearing for a formal opportunity?

For a very formal occasion as at official events, the dress code must be respected. So we advise you to choose a classic design watch as our initial automatic watch three needles, calendar or power reserve. For women we advise you our initial automatic watch 36 or guilloche. For this type of occasion, the leather strap is unavoidable. However, you have the choice between the type of leather and the color. You can opt for a smooth leather that patina perfectly with time, a more classic grained leather or a very dressed ostrich leather. Then, regarding the colors of the watch strap, choose between a bracelet in brown leather, black or chocolate.

Automatic man watch

3. Wear a watch for sport

If you are looking for a watch to play sports, turn without surprises to a man or woman sport watch. A waterproof watch or a dive watch is perfectly adapted to this type of occasion. In general, a sports watch must be strong and reliable with a bracelet that does not fear sweating, leather is to avoid at all costs! Associate with your sport watch, a bracelet in nylon, steel or rubber. Indeed, these bracelets are very resistant and can go in the water unlike a leather bracelet, which is very convenient when we play sports or other physical activities. In this kind of case, you can undoubtedly choose our Concordia or GR watch, automatic or quartz.

Men's sport watch

4. What watch weaken on weekends?

As said precedent, we wear a different outfit the week and the weekend. At the end of the week, you wish without a doubt to have a wrist a watch both resistant to accompany you throughout your weekend activities and the casual style to associate without difficulty with all your outfits. Privilege watches with contemporary, sports or city design, with colorful dial colors such as khaki, beige, gray or blue. Choose a beautiful Waterproof watch strap like our nylon, steel or mesh mesh bracelets. For men, we recommend our Watch models GR, Horizon, Concordia and Bastille. All of these watch models use an interchangeable bracelet system very easy to use and you can choose between a nylon, steel or mesh bracelet. Our collection of waterproof watches for Women Aurore is perfect for the weekend. This steel watch offers different colors of very bright dial like blue, emerald, sky blue or sand. All you have to do is choose!

sportsman watch

5. Choose a holiday watch

On vacation, you need an easy-to-wear watch and adapt to several types of activities such as diving, sailing or hiking. Indeed, during the holidays the watches are confronted with different elements that can come to damage them: water, sand, heat, etc. The ideal watch for the holidays must be robust and waterproof, it must also withstand high temperatures. For this you need an all-terrain watch, otherwise called a tool watch. The significant point for a holiday watch concerns its sealing, we strongly advise you to choose a Waterproof watch.

The Concordia is a dive watch that meets all these criteria: waterproof 300 meters, a 316L steel case, a curved sapphire crystal, readable in the dark, a crown and a screwed background and a nylon bracelet. The nylon watches bracelets are available under different colors such as blue, black, beige, khaki or gray. For women, our Aurore watch with its 316L steel bracelet and female lines, is a waterproof French watch that will adapt to all situations of your holidays! The solar watch is a waterproof watch at 50 meters that suits itself quite suitable for holidays, especially for the summer holidays. As the name suggests, the solar watch works thanks to the energy of the sun. Its modern and contemporary design is perfect for holidays. A few hours of sunshine make it possible to charge the battery several weeks. The solar watch is an elegant mixed waist watch to wear with an interchangeable bracelet preferably nylon or mesh mesh. This mixed watch with a diameter of 37mm, adapts both feminine cuffs and male cuffs. Finally, our sports man watch at the sporty look is a waterproof watch 100 meters. For the holidays, choose a Khaki, beige, gray nylon bracelet, a steel bracelet or a Milan Mesh bracelet.

solar watch

Discover our Charlie Paris watches drawn and assembled in France as well as our interchangeable watches bracelets. Our bracelets allow you to adapt and customize your watch for every occasion. Remember that the most important when choosing a watch is to have fun wearing it, staying yourself and fully assume its style.