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The top 10 automatic watches are less than 1000 euro

Automatic watches are under 1000 euros

Our automatic watches are under 1000 euros

home Charlie ParisFor us, it is important to provide you with watches made in France at high quality prices. We don't think it necessary to break his wrist Elegant Automatic Watch


No matter what gift you are looking for or to please you, we suggest that you make 10 automatic watches in France with a maximum budget of 1000 euro.

  1. Watch original automatic watch 3-pin White Bracelet ostrich leather

Designed, designed and assembled in France, the first three needles were our first automatic watches. It is both modern and classic, designed as the beginning of mechanical clocks and watches. Simple use of time and function, time and date, this city table Sports 9015 Japanese manufacturer Miyagi has a 40 hour market reserve Sapphire glass is super strong, reflective and almost incompressible.

The white clock is a safe value that is easy to combine with all your garments, and the ostrich leather bracelet will sublimate your watch to its retro look. The blue scooter brings a unique brand, and at the same time is cautious.

Price: 455 Euro

Available here


Page: 1 Automatic watch women's original 36 open hearts -- Rose Bracelet


The original 36 was our first female automatic watch Combine it with the fine line of modern times. With French manufacturing and high quality materials, it will accompany you for many years. This heart opening watch with a Japanese sport premium 90s5 is not only beautiful but also very reliable, and we can enjoy it from the ceiling and through the glass behind the watch. Compared with the battery model, we designed this watch more environmentally and responsibly as an invitation to slow down and take advantage of the current moment.

The Milan rose gold necklace perfectly completes the watch.

Price: 385 Euro

Available here


Page: 1 Watch automatic watch initial configuration - White Blue Leather Bracelet 

In addition to the second function, minutes, hours, and dates, we added a spare indicator and a 24-hour counter to our original frame.

The alternate driving indicator indicates the remaining autonomous time you have in 40 hours. The 24-hour counter is particularly useful when you change the time of your watch. 

This complicated watch has an automatic action 9132The complexity of the dialog can be appreciated through the bottom of the glass and the back of the watch.

The white clock will be ready at any time, and the clock will match your clothes and loose clothes.

Price: 595 Euro

Available here 


Page: 1 Black Watch Black Watch Black Bracelet

Using the original calendar model, we would like to convey to you our passion for the clock, to provide you with a purified circuit of complications model, and with high quality components and democratic prices. In addition to time, minutes, seconds and date, you can also find two indicators on the video disk: the date of the week on the left and the date of the month on the right.

The parts of the watch were assembled by French craftsmen next to besanzon. For the shell, the thickness is 13mm, we chose a 316L stainless steel, the best in the market. This movement is an automatic one 9122.

The black picture brings us soberness and elegance.

Price: 595 Euro

Available here


Five Steel Leather BraceletBordeaux

The original steel plate is 36. With a 9.5 mm thick case and a 36mm diameter ceiling, the watch is perfectly suitable for slim wrists.

The city watch is equipped with a Japanese action "Miyota premium 9032".

Price: 375 Euro

Available here 


Six Blue Nylon Watch

Concordia watches are designed to accompany adventurers. Mathieu When he went on an expedition to Antarctica 

This is our most powerful watch. It can withstand temperatures down to - 70 degrees Celsius. 

Mechanical movement with automatic reloading 2824-2 ETA, a Swiss clock maker, has a glass of sapphire reflective glass and a one-way rotating glasses with time scale. 


Price: 795 Euro

Available here


Page: 1 Blue Nylon Watch 


The automatic GR meter is designed to withstand time and components. This is a very durable sports watch with sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel box. Perfect for adventure, it's sealed to 10 ATM, so you can swim with it. The nylon Bracelet complements the bodybuilding look of this watch, while the design inspiration is retro. 

The way it works is very readable, even in the dark. Time and the needles of time are covered with super brightness, making them glow in the dark.

GR has an automatic moving Miyota 9015 with 40 hours of spare walking time. This high-end sport is known for its reliability, stability and accuracy.

Price: 445 Euro

Available here

Page: 1 Watch men's Sports Watch 


Our sports automatic watches are available in 50 limited editions. The color contrast of white and smoke blue shows a unique original appearance. The railway that goes through the clock works on a level other than digital, providing an elegance and uniqueness for clock design. 

The glass on the back of the watch can appreciate the complexity of movement.

Price: 445 Euro

Available here

Limited edition

Page: 1 Watch auto watch auto watch original day / night Bracelet Mick chocolate



In this limited day and night edition, we replaced the 24-hour counter with a day and night record to make this contemporary watch more poetic. 

The yellow key on the travel reserve indicator and a color key at the end of the travel pulley pop up very well on the black frame. 

Price: 595 Euro

Available here


Ten Watch original automatic watch 3-pin blue skateboard yellow Bracelet Blue Nylon


Our first three needles in summer! Look at this summer limited edition A color key and a yellow express are added to the blue video disc. 

Nylon bracelets let your skin breathe when the weather gets warm. 

The ideal gift is to give, or to yourself! 

Price: 395 Euro

Available here 


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