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When the ruins are getting more attractive

Do you know this approach to entering abandoned, broken or abandoned buildings? This is urbex. Hospitals, factories, shopping malls and administrative buildings have aroused curiosity among some people. They are no longer the main functions, but they still exist, both in cities and elsewhere. Urban exploration is a practice developed in recent years, attracting more and more people. But do you know urbex? Today, Charlie Paris team introduces you to this very popular practice and shows you its limited edition watch, inspired by urbex.

  1. What is urbex?
  2. The origin of urban exploration
  3. Different types of urbex
  4. Our watch brand Charlie Paris is inspired by urbex to create gr urbex watches


one What is urbex?

Urban exploration, or urbex, comes from English "urban exploration". Urbex is a way to visit places built and abandoned by humans. It has its own principles to protect and maximize the protection of these places. Therefore, the address of the abandoned location, known as the location, is often hidden to avoid attracting rioters, thieves or the public.

Urbex is known for visiting hidden or inaccessible places, such as luxury homes, schools, abandoned warehouses or hospitals, etc. in some more rare cases, this extends to prohibited places such as subway tunnels, underground graves and roofs. Urbex is closely related to some sports activities, such as climbing or running cool. It is a Acrobatic sports discipline that crosses urban or natural obstacles without materials through fast and agile sports. Urban explorers are often called urbexeur.

But why did urbex grow? Urban explorers are adventurous because they are interested in history, taking photos, or just finding a place where no one is going. This activity is considered illegal because it is usually forbidden to enter the scenic spots in the center of the city. However, this does not stop the most curious people who are eager to travel through time through these secret explorations. Visiting these empty, abandoned, abandoned places is often full of stories that make your curiosity express. Urbex allows exploration of barren places to keep their memories.


two The origin of urban exploration

In the past few years, urban exploration has developed greatly in France and the rest of the world. Urbex was initially a kind of public praise entertainment, but with the emergence of the Internet and social network, it spread rapidly, especially with the emergence of video platforms such as YouTube. Therefore, city operators can exchange the best attractions and meet if they want. But let's go back to the source of turbulence in this practice

  • Urbex has been in France since the 1980s, especially in Paris, where there are many places suitable for this activity: subway stations, construction sites, hospitals and other abandoned buildings.
  • Urbex was launched in the early 20th century with the arrival of new metro- The Yorkers. Explorers are addicted to it and try to explore every corner of it, even the least recommended corner, there are many accidents.
  • In Paris, on November 2, 1955, a prefectural decree prohibited the visit and exploration of underground quarries. As a result, to organize a foray into Parisian careers is an attractive challenge.
  • It was not until the 1990s that the first public ascent of the Urbex in Canada was discovered. Jeff Chapman aka Ninjalicious is the one who popularized the term "urban exploration" as well as his practice. He is also the founder of Infiltration, a magazine specializing in urbex. In 2005, he published a book containing the basic and common sense rules of every urbexeur.


3. Different types of Urbex

Urban exploration brings together different types of urbex, we've made you a selection of the four main ones:

  • Cataphilia

The Urbex thus brings together various so-called "underground" activities such as "cataphilia". This activity consists of a clandestine visit to the former underground quarries of Paris such as the catacombs. This activity is not limited to Parisian off-roaders and encompasses quarries located around Paris.

  • Roofurophilia

"Roofurophilia" refers to accessing and walking around the roofs. Roofing enthusiasts are passionate about heights and diving views. Generally, access to roofs is illegal, but some visits may be supervised and therefore legal.

  • Abandoned buildings

Abandoned buildings include schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc. This category is the most coveted by urbexeurs in search of history and sensations. Urbexeurs like to discover an as yet unknown area themselves and venture into places that are very difficult to access that are sometimes difficult to locate.

  • Unreased buildings

As the name suggests, there is a practice of visiting places where the activity continues. While it is sometimes difficult to reach some abandoned buildings, entering an undaunted building is a major challenge and it is this adrenaline that attracts them.


4. Our watch brand Charlie Paris is inspired by the Urbex and create the GR Urbex watch

At Charlie Paris, when we created our GR (Great Hiking) watch collection in partnership with the French Hiking Federation, we wanted to offer you a watch model to accompany you on all your hikes. the man watch GR presents a design inspired by the past but with a resolutely modern sporty character. Beyond hiking and nature, we wanted to go further and that's how we designed and designed a watch inspired by urban exploration: the GR Urbex. This watch is a limited edition in 100 copies that refers to "Urban Exploration".

The GR Urbex is assembled in Besançon, and was designed to follow you on your visits to built and abandoned places, or forbidden places such as subway tunnels or catacombs. This men's watch offers a retro and sporty design. This watch is readable in the dark, we have laid nice Arabic figures well readable as well as sword-shaped needles covered with Super-LumiNova that allow to read the time in the dark. A railway of seconds and minutes runs through the dial with small touches of Super-LumiNova on the hours. The case is 39mm in diameter and is a 316L stainless steel case.  Thanks to its sturdy case and screwed bottom, the GR is perfectly airtight and has passed the pressure tests of 10 atmospheres (ATM). This seal will allow you to bathe or practice a sports activity without risking damaging your watch. Finally, the GR Urbex has an ultra-resistant sapphire glass, the second hardest material after the diamond, the sapphire glass breaks or scratches very hard.

Beyond the technical aspect of the watch, the GR Urbex offers a brushed grey dial with hours figure and under embossed counter. this sports watch proposes a system of interchangeable bracelet easy to use. This allows you to vary the colours and materials of your watch strap. For sport, choose a durable and waterproof bracelet such as a grey, black, beige, khaki or blue nylon strap. During the day or evening, choose one of our leather watch smooth, grainy, raw or brown or blue ostrich leather, for a more dressy look.


Discover without further ado the mount GR Urbex by Charlie Paris and find all our French watches

Urbex men's Watch

Urbex men's Watch

Urbex men's Watch