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Steel watch bracelet

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316L stainless steel watches bracelets

Steel watches bracelets have the main advantage of being stainless. As a reminder, the steel is a metal alloy consisting mainly of iron but also carbon. The carbon added between 0.02% and 2% transforms steel iron and makes it even more resistant but also gives it a certain "flexibility". A steel watch strap is both resistant and pleasant to wear. Steel bracelets provide a sports side to the watches and have a longer life than leather bracelets.

The 316L steel is a type of stainless steel. The L of the abbreviation 316L means that it is a "low carbon" steel (low carbon). The fact of having a minimum of carbons in the structure of this alloy prevents the creation of precipitation and the steel is thus not subject to corrosion. The 316L steel is known to be a very good quality steel. For all of our man watches and ourWoman watches We made the choice to work with 316L stainless steel. You will have understood this alloy is recognized for its durability and also its high resistance to corrosion, two elements that we consider as essential for our steel bracelets and the housings of our mechanical watches. From an aesthetic point of view the 316L steel is a stainless steel whose brightness continues in time and does not tarnish. Finally, 316L steel relates very easily and in whole, without losing its quality. The commitment from an ecological point of view that is part of the strong values ​​at Charlie Paris, it is naturally that we turned to this type of steel for our bracelets and ourFrench watches.


Interchangeable silver or pink gold bracelets, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we offer steel watch bracelets in the form of milan mesh or mesh. Our 316L brushed steel men bracelet 3 links gives a sports appearance to your watch. This 20mm bracelet has a folding loop. This is a polished and brushed steel bracelet. We also offer Milanese steel or rose gold mesh bracelets for men and women. The Milanese mesh is very trendy and brings a vintage or retro side to your watch. These pink gold or silver color bracelets exist in 14mm for women, in 18mm for our solar watches and 20mm for our automatic and quartz watches for men. All our Watch bracelets are interchangeable With our Flash pump system. You can opt for materials such as smooth leather, grained leather, ostrich leather or flannel. At the color levels, brown, black, white or blue watch bracelets are excellent basic, easy to match, but you can also choose color like a green, red, terracotta or burgundy bracelet. The leather watch Is the elegant watch par excellence, you can alternate your steel bracelet with a Charlie Paris leather strap.