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Leather watch bracelet for an elegant watch  

The leather watch bracelet is a timeless watch strap, for both men and women. Leather brings a note of elegance to your watch and your outfit. It's a material that has the advantage of being very comfortable when you wear it. A leather watch bracelet and great flexibility at your wrist. Different types of leather exist, smooth leathers, grained, crude or exotic leathers, to meet all your desires. A watch with a leather strap is working in both day and evening, it's up to you to play on materials and colors!

Discover our interchangeable leather watch bracelets Charlie Paris ...


Interchangeable leather watch bracelet, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, all our models of Made in France watch Featuring a functioning interchangeable bracelet system with a flash pump system. You can change our watch bracelets very easily, on a automatic watch or quartz. We propose Men's Leather Watch Bracelets 20mm and Watches bracelets for women In 14mm, with a wide variety of colors and materials. These interchangeable bracelets adapt to all your desires!

We offer smooth, grained, crude leather watch bracelets and ostrich leather watch bracelets. For a timeless watch, you can opt for one of our classic colors like our black, brown, white, blue or burgundy leather strap. If you are looking to bring brightness to your wrist, opt for a red watch bracelet, terracotta, peacock, green, pastel pink, pastel blue or yellow. Our Interchangeable watch bracelets allow you to adapt your Ladies watch or your men watch In all situations, during the day and evening.


A quality leather for our watch bracelets

For more than half of our watch bracelets we use vegetable tanning leather. The vegetable tanning is the process that transforms leathers in an environmentally friendly manner. The leather obtained by vegetable tanning will have beautiful natural hues that will skate and take a unique hue with time like our brown Mick leather strap.

Find out on our website Charlie Paris our leather watch bracelets as well as all possible combinations!

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