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Women's sport watch

The sports watch woman according to Charlie Paris, a beautiful watch

At Charlie Paris, we offer you a Waterproof watch and feminine, ideal for your women's sport watch. Our watch collection Aurore has been imagined to accompany you throughout the year. This beautiful waterproof watch adapts to all situations of everyday life. Its steel bracelet and its harmonious lines produce a watch at a time sporty and feminine. At Charlie Paris, we chose to use stainless steel for the housing of our watches. More specifically, the steel strap of the dawn is 316L steel, known for its high resistance to corrosion. For this Women's sport watch fit perfectly with women's wrists, we opted for a 32mm diameter. Aurore is a 10ATM waterproof watch. There are different levels of watertightness in watchmaking and we consider a truly Waterproof watch from 10Atm, or 100 meters. Thus, you can swim with Waterproof Aurore watch, without fear of damaging it or having buoy under the dial. So you can keep your wife watch aurora all year round, and especially summer. However, if you are a water sports or diving fan, you will need to guide you to a 30ATM waterproof dive watch, such as our Concordia watch model.

The Quartz watch Aurore is a sport watch but remains above all an elegant woman watch. In such a way that you can wear it every day and that this sports watch adapts to your style we offer different colors of bright dial. You can opt for an emerald, blue or silver color watch dial.


A Women's Sport Watch & A French Watch Brand and Responsible

Charlie Paris, our brand of automatic watch and mechanical for women and men, is made in France. Indeed, all our watches are drawn and manufactured in France. We are committed to proposing quality watches that will resist life. Our sports watch for Aurore woman is assembled in our watchmaking workshop that is located in the Jura. We also choose the best materials for our French manufacturing watch. To guarantee you an optimal quality, the bracelet and the housing of our watertight watch for women is 316L steel, a stainless alloy, which will resist without problem with water and time. Thanks to its clipable independent links system, this bracelet ofsteel watchis very easily adjustable at the size of your wrist, without the need for watchmakers. Very comfortable to wear, you will never want to remove your Waterproof Charlie Paris watch ... Discover the different colors of our watch woman Aurore!