Women's Automatic Watch

Women's Automatic Watch

Which women's automatic watch to choose? With apparent mechanism?

Elegance and sobriety are the key words that guided us when designing our women's automatic watch. This Woman watch comes in two versions: A classic version, and an open heart version with an apparent mechanism that reveals the finesse and complexity of the mechanism.  To best suit your desires, our women's automatic watches are available with different colors of case and dials: Steel, rose goldrose gold, Black, white or champagne. In addition, all our watch bracelets, whether in leather or in Milanese knitwear, are interchangeable! The best way to have multiple women's automatic watches in one.

The Women's Automatic Watch: A Sustainable Watch

A automatic watch, with apparent mechanism or with classic dial,is a watch without electronic elements and without a battery.  Indeed it recharges thanks to the movement of the wrist of the wearer. A Well-maintained automatic mechanical watch will follow you over several generations, its lifespan is almost infinite. A guarantee of quality and authenticity, our Femme Charlie automatic watches are assembled in France, where our watchmakers combine experience and know-how. In order to offer you reliable women's watches, in accordance with our quality standards, a thorough check is carried out on each of them. EachShows automatic for women Charlie reveals the finesse and complexity of the mechanism it is provided by a transparent sapphire glass background. The mechanical watch is a concentration of technical knowledge, a truly fascinating timepiece!

An automatic women's watch made in France?

Designed, designed and assembled in France, our women's automatic watch combines a classic and contemporary design that will accompany you for many years to come.thanks to its quality components such as sapphire glass or their 316L steel case.Thisresponsible production model and Made in France allows us to guarantee youexcellent value for money since our debut in 2014.  Don't wait any longer and find the women's automatic watch made in France made for you!