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Automatic watch

Automatic watch for men

The automatic watch for men is an essential accessory, it not only allows to assert a look with style, but also adapts very easily to everyday situations. Indeed, a well-chosen automatic watch will adapt to the lifestyle of the wearer. Each of our models is therefore a great opportunity to find the ideal men's watch, but also to personalize it with an interchangeable strap. You will be able to vary the pleasures and styles according to your desires and your different looks!

Which automatic men's watch to choose?

In Charlie Paris, we put all our enthusiasm and skills to create timeless and unique automatic watches for men with excellent value for money. We offer automatic watches for men adapted to each of you: watches with a sporty look like our GR watch, or even more urban watches like our Initial automatic watches. To best suit your desires, our automatic watches are available with different dial colors: black, blue or white, as well as water resistance levels ranging from 3ATM to 10ATM. Whatever type of automatic watch you are looking for, you can very easily find the model that suits you in our selection. All our automatic watch straps are interchangeable, so you can opt for a leather, steel or even nylon strap. The best way to have several automatic watches for men in one.

A durable watch that will accompany you for many years

An automatic watch is a watch without an electronic element and without a battery. Indeed, the automatic watch recharges thanks to the movement of the wrist of the wearer. A well-maintained automatic mechanical watch will follow you for generations, its lifespan is almost endless. In addition, made in France is at the heart of Charlie Paris’s commitment. It allows us to offer you automatic watches of irreproachable quality, while bringing the French watchmaking heritage to life. This responsible and local production model associated with a choice of quality components such as sapphire crystal or 316L steel cases allows us to guarantee you excellent value for money and a watch that will last over time.

An interchangeable strap for your men's watch

At Charlie Paris, the automatic watch for men can take on different appearances according to your desires since we offer models with an interchangeable strap. Easy to handle, this type of watch therefore allows you to change the style, material and color of your bracelet as you wish. You can thus opt for materials such as steel with the three-link bracelet, rawhide, grained leather, ostrich leather, nylon and many others. In terms of colors, black and brown as well as the steel color will be excellent basics that are easy to match, but you can also opt for more daring models by choosing color. As a result, your automatic watch will be able to adapt as well to the days as to the evenings or to the sports sessions, you just have to choose the strap that will be the most suitable for the occasion or the look you want. to create.


Do not hesitate to discover the automatic watch for men according to Charlie Paris. The opportunity to offer you a high-quality accessory, adapted to your different activities and your style that you can personalize as you wish and keep for many years.

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