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Drawed and assembled in France, our man's chronograph watch "Horizon" features an ultra-resistant sapphire glass, an interchangeable bracelet system, a stainless 316L steel boot and is guaranteed 2 years. This chronograph watch is 5ATM waterproof, is 40mm in diameter and is available with different dial colors: white, blue, or black.The chronograph watch for man is an essential accessory, not only allows you to assert a look with style, but also adapts very easily to the situations of the daily life, both in a formal setting and during a sports weekend. Moreover, with our interchangeable watch bracelet system, you can vary the pleasures and styles according to your desires, with a leather, nylon or Milanese watch bracelet.


Onechronograph watchdenotes awatchwhich, in addition to the time display, has an independent timing mechanism. The termchronographcomes from ancient Greek Kronos which means time, and Graphô which means writing. Indeed on thefirst chronographs,the trigger of the push button dragged a circular ink deposit on a sheet. The time that had passed was calculated by the length of the line deposited by the chronograph. On onechronograph watch, the timing mechanism triggers using pushers generally and allows the time elapsed between triggering and stopping the timer to be measured. The reset is made from another pusher. If the first oneschronograph watchesexist since the beginning of the 19themeThe reset pusher exists only in 1934. This function of“ chronometer”grafted onto a watch is called a complication. A complication in the watch domain refers to any additional functions added on a watch that allow other indications than time to be displayed.The chronographis part of, with the date display, the most common watch-case timer complications. The chronograph watchis not to be confused with theclock watch. Indeed, in order for a watch to be called a time watch, the function of the watch must be extremely accurate. The chronometer function is certified by an organization named theCOSC(Switzerland Official Control of Chronometers) To have a time watch approved by theCOSC, it must undergo 7 tests at different ambient temperatures ranging from 8 to 38 degrees.


Considered one of the classic models of clockwork, thechronograph watch For generations, its mechanism and itsOperating.Despite a touch of mystery about its true origins, the model can be pleased to have been thought by a Parisian watchmaker. We can't talk about thewatchchronographwithout mentioning some names that wrote his history within the French capital. Indeed, several men are assumed to have been the precursors of the mechanism in Paris.Louis Moinet, native of Bourges who settled in Paris during his lifetime is recognized as the first to invent the principle ofChronographunder the name "Tierces Accounter" in 1816.It's only six years later that the word"Chronographer"is used and patented for the first time byNicolas-Matthieu Rieussec.Parisian of origin and Horloger of King Louis XVIII, he isconsidered today as the inventorof the model of by its revolutionary system. The latter allowed a point of ink to be deposited on the dial through pressure from the pusher. It was then possible to calculate the time elapsed through the task. The invention of the Chronograph watch therefore has many French origins. Other watch connoisseurs evoke the name ofAbraham-Louis Breguet.  In 1801, this famous Swiss watchmaker in Paris created the "whirl", awatch complication at the base of the chronograph mechanism and which improves the accuracy of a mechanical watch. Different men and a city in common allowed the birth and development of one of the most appreciated models of the world watchmaking that took its origins in Paris. The Chronograph watch would therefore originally be aMade in France.

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