Waterproof woman watch

Women's waterproof watch

Choosing the right waterproof watch

The watch waterproof perfect is a watch that will suit you and your lifestyle.In order to choose the right waterproof watch, it is important to understand the different levels of water resistance that exist in watchmaking. We really consider that a watch is waterproof and that we can swim with it from 10 ATM, or 100 meters. A watch 3 ATM will only resist splashing when a shows 5 ATM will only allow surface swimming in calm water. If you are looking for a ladies watch which you won't need to remove in summer, so opt for a minimum of 10 ATM.

Finally, if you are a fan of water sports or diving, you should rather orient yourself towards a 30 ATM waterproof diving watch, like our Concordia model.

The waterproof ladies' watch by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris we have designed a collection of waterproof ladies watch 10 ATM, made to accompany you without constraint, summer and winter, in your life as an active woman.The Aurore waterproof watch is water resistant up to 100 meters: so you can go swimming with it, there will be no risk of damaging it or of misting up under the dial.The quartz watchAurore is, of course, a sports watch but remains elegant and feminine, so that you can wear it every day. It adapts to your style whether you prefer a sober dial, steel or blue, or a more colorful, green dial emerald orpastel pink.

A quality waterproof ladies' watch

It is important for us to offer you a quality watch that will last a lifetime. Our waterproof watch for women is made in France. It is assembled in our watchmaking workshop located in the Jura. We also choose the best materials for our French-made watch. To guarantee you optimal quality, the strap and the case of our waterproof watch for women are made of steel 316L, an alloy stainless, which will stand up to water and weather without any problem.Thanks to its system of independent clipsable links, this bracelet steel watch is very easily adjustable to the size of your wrist, without the need for watchmaking tools.Very comfortable to wear, you will never want to take off your Charlie Paris waterproof watch again ...

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