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The watch square Women, Charlie Paris

The square watch is originally a classic watch for women which currently ranks among the latest trends. Elegant and bold woman shows the square is now revisited and adapts to all circumstances. Both timepiece vintage, classic watch, retro watch or elegant watch, Ladies watch square is of different styles. Chez Charlie Paris, square woman watch is embodied by our beautiful ladies watch Monceau. All watches for women quartz movement Monceau have steel housings 25 by 27mm. The Monceau is a beautiful woman shows rectangular, ideal for slender wrists or those looking for a discreet and elegant watch. These models of women watches are worn for all occasions, with casual or dressy style. The quartz watch Monceau quickly become your indispensable. This stainless steel watch has a mineral glass and is available with dials in different colors like black dial, sandblasted or timeless silver dial. Quartz watch Monceau will quickly become your indispensable. With a powerful quartz movement, the square shows Monceau is highly accurate and will accompany with everyday elegance. To affirm the identity of this model, we wanted to give it straight and refined forms with discreet bezel, dial into two levels and pretty hour and minute hands sheet. The housing of our square woman watch is steel 316L and is guaranteed two years. The Monceau is available in silver or rose gold. The watch square pink gold women offers your woman shows a side show or vintage jewelry, depending on how you reach. This square woman minimalist watch, steel golden color with a bracelet Milanese mesh, brings a retro vintage outfit. The square steel color woman shows brings a modern touch to this beautiful watch. This pretty analog watch for women dress your wrist comes with sobriety and accessorize your outfit. Whatever color you choose, the Monceau remains a square watch woman elegant.


A watch Elegant Square woman with interchangeable strap

A concentrate of elegance and femininity, shows Monceau requires finesse and adorn your wrist every day thanks to its interchangeable straps that fit both your outfit and your mood. Our bracelets interchangeable watches are very easy to use thanks to their flash pump system. Our collection of watches for women Monceau combines beautiful elegant watches and women that you can customize by changing the bracelet and so come sublimate your outfit. You can play on the materials and the colors of your bracelets, for example by choosing a watch strap in smooth leather, grained leather, rawhide or ostrich leather. We also offer different shades of watchbands as a brown bracelet, black, green, blue, red, burgundy, terracotta, white and plenty of other colors. Tune your watch for women in a leather strap like a brown leather strap, blue leather or pink for a glamorous shows. If you do not want a woman shows leather, you can match your square woman shows a steel bracelet as our Milanese mesh. Do not hesitate to associate these elegant ladies watches rose gold or silver a fashion accessory, depending on the color of your steel housing. If you want a blue watch, a silver watch or Rose Gold watchPlay on the colors of the bracelet and housing of the chic watch Monceau. You can customize your Woman Monce clock as you want and change style to the rhythm of your desires. The best way to have several watches in one!


Charlie Paris, a brand of French watch and engaged

Designed, designed and assembled in France, our Monceux square woman watch perfectly embodies the spirit of Charlie Paris house with its sleek lines, with the design both elegant and contemporary. At Charlie Paris, it is important in our eyes to act locally, which is why our watches are assembled by hand in France, near Besançon, by professional and experienced watchmakers. Since the beginning of our adventure, we have always wished to make sense of Charlie Paris, make sure to improve society at our level by making it more beautiful but also better. At Charlie Paris, we try to move on everyday by keeping the impact we can have on society and the ecological actions we can lead. Discover our Square Watch Woman Monceau Tone Silver or Golden, And Our Others French watches for women !