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Montre Made in France

Montre en france

A Made in france Montre adapted to your needs

At Charlie Paris we put all our enthusiasm and skills to create watches Made in Franceto design both timeless and singular with excellent value for money.To adapt to your different lifestyles, we offerwatches made in france for manand forwomanwith different levels of sealing, ranging from 3ATM to 30ATM, to ensure maximum sealing to the most reckless of us. FurthertOur watch bracelets are interchangeable, so no longer need to make choices between a watch bracelet made of leather, steel, Milanese mesh or nylon.

Show French in automatic version or Quartz?

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, thecharlie paris watchesare equipped with different types of movement. Quartz-moving watches for those who like simplicity and precision but also automatic-moving watches for watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Charlie watch: A watch alliing Made in France, Know-how, and Quality

Ourswatches are "Made in France"because they are drawn, designed and assembled by watchmakers experienced in France in Morteau, cradle ofthe French watch industry
TheMade in Franceis at the heart of Charlie Paris’s commitment! It allows us to offer you watches of an irreproachable quality, while making thefrench watch heritageThis responsible production modeland associated localityat a choice ofquality componentssuch as sapphire glass or 316L steel allows us to guarantee youan excellent price-quality ratio since our debut in 2014.

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