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Hand Bag


The women's handbag, an essential accessory

Essential accessory of our outfits, the handbag for women comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. A true fashion accessory, the women's bag has been revisited many times. Initially utilitarian, this accessory has become a real fashion and luxury item.

The bag brings the final touch to an outfit, whatever its style or size. On the shoulder, in the hand or worn crossed under the arm, it can be worn in different ways. So many possibilities that sometimes it can be difficult to choose between a tote, an evening clutch, a handbag or a round bag. Whether you operate on the spur of the moment or prioritize your needs, the important thing is to choose a bag that suits you. Rely on your style, wants, needs and fashion trends if you feel like following them.


The handbag for women, a practical and aesthetic accessory

A handbag that is both practical and aesthetic is possible! While there are as many handbags as there are different styles, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you make up your mind. Ask yourself the question of color and size. It is obviously a question of knowing the objects that you wish to transport. Once these two questions are answered, it's up to you to find the best balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Reflecting your style and your personality, we know that choosing a bag can be difficult, so we have sought to find the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. That's why our Signature Leather Bag collection offers two bag sizes to help you find the perfect women's handbag. Discover our collection of Signature leather bags for women ...


A leather handbag in your image, by Charlie Paris

Our Signature Bag is available in a small size, ideal for the evening or if you have very little to carry and in a larger version, perfect for daytime use. Our first "Signature" leather bag combines delicate curves and clean lines, in a spirit that is both classic and contemporary. The harmony between rounded shapes, clean lines and "jeweled" details give it an appearance that is at once sober, modern and unique. This bag very easy to carry, has an inside pocket to allow you to store your phone or your keys for example. This Signature bag is available in several colors: brown, blue, green, burgundy, ecru, sand, black and many other colors to meet all your desires! If you want to brighten up your outfit with a bag, choose one in colors like a red bag. In winter, choose dark colors like the timeless black bag, omnipresent among luxury bags. In summer, fall for a white bag or for a bright or even pastel color like our emerald-colored bag. As the intermediary between a luxury bag and a cheap bag, we are committed to offering you good quality bags at a fair price.

Our Signature Midi bag combines jewelry details and clean lines, in a spirit that is both classic and contemporary. The harmony between its clean lines and the quality of its carefully selected materials give it a sober, modern and unique appearance. With its dimensions, its front pocket and its leather handle, we have designed the Signature Midi bag so that it can accompany you every day. The jeweled metal parts, such as the applique on the front or the top loops give our "Signature Midi" bag a very feminine allure. Available in blue, green, burgundy or havana, you just have to choose!


Very feminine in appearance, every detail of our Signature leather bags is handcrafted with the greatest care in a family workshop located in Ubrique, Spain. The quality and strength of the bag is often determined by the material. Leather remains the gold standard and that's why we decided to use it. The leathers we use have been selected for their visual appearance, their feel as well as their durability with a patina that will magnify them over time.These details as well as the blue cotton lining remind us of the origins of our young house.We also use the same leather for our bracelets. watch, you can match yourCharlie ladies watchwith one of our bags. We use vegetable tanning and chrome tanning for our interchangeable watch straps

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