Candle perfume

This candle will celebrate the Luxemburg garden and will refine the refining to produce the highest quality tree species. Your memories and special moments will disappear with this beautiful ornament made entirely in France.

Initials: Coconut, fig
Heartbeat: Orange, white flowers
Background note: Sandalwood

  • -Made in France Wax, candle, everything was done in France.
    -Combustion time:35H
    -PerfumeFig tree
    -Wax Perfume minerals

  • Our suggestions for use
    On the first use, let the candle burn for two hours until the entire candle becomes liquid on the surface.
    -Cut off the lead wire regularly
    -Check that the ignition point is right and centered when the lamp is off.


  • -TheyDelivery costGift from FranceStart at 25Page: 1 Otherwise, they will reach 5Euro in FranceEurope and 20 euroRest of the world
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    -Any shopping on our website is OK
    Back in 24 daysFrom receiving the package
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