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Store 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: +33967411237

Fabric watch bracelet

A nylon watch bracelet for a sporty look

A watch strap Fabric with the great advantage of being resistant. You can swim with, without fear of damaging them and let them breathe the skin even when hot summer days. Whether for your sports sessions or to give a sports style to your watch, the fabric bracelet accompanies you everywhere. At Charlie, we wanted to offer you fabric bracelets for you can wear your watch without fear of damaging it. With a thickness of 2.5mm, our nylon bracelets are ultra resistant and ideal for the return of the beautiful days. All our nylon bracelets are Waterproof and adjust to your wrist using a silver color flapping loop. We propose different sizes of bracelets according to the watch model you choose. Our wide 20mm watch bracelets are intended for our men's watches as our watch GR watch or our Concordia dive collection. If you choose a solar watch, choose our 18mm wide bracelets.


An interchangeable cloth watch bracelet adapted to your lifestyle

At Charlie Paris, all our watches are offered with bracelets with so-called "Flash" pumps. Thanks to them you can change bracelet in just a few seconds and without any tools. You can choose the one you like in our wide selections of bracelets. Our collection of nylon bracelets is available in five colors: sand, blue, black, green and gray. These timeless colors are very good with your watch and your outfit. This flash pump system also allows you to change bracelet style very easily. You can change your nylon strap with a leather or mesh bracelet. We offer different watch bracelet materials, smooth leather watch bracelets, grained leather, raw leather, ostrich leather or Milanese mesh. You also have a wide range of colors, brown watch bracelets, blue, black, white or silver. Many combinations are available to you!


Feel free to discover our Charlie Paris fabric watch bracelets. The opportunity to offer you an accessory that you can customize according to your desires andSuitable for your various activities.