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Woman skeleton watch

Skeleton Woman Watch: Automatic Watch for Elegant Woman

The skeleton watches for women are distinguished by their apparent mechanism that makes these mechanical day care of real live objects. The skeleton movement, also known as Skeleton, is fully made visible at the front of the watch. Thus, the wife skeleton watch, you plunge into the heart of the watchmaker thanks to its transparent dial that reveals the workings of your watch. Buy a wife skeleton watch is buying an automatic wife watch with both refined and affirmed style. The skeleton wife watch works thanks to a pendulum whose spring is recharging with the movement of your wrist and not using a battery like the quartz watches for women. The movement of an automatic watch is complex and the skeleton watch allows you to appreciate its mechanism. Rubies and movement of the movement bring a technical dimension to this jewel watch. This quality watchmaker is at the intersection between a refined design and precise watchmaking know-how. On the wrist, the skeleton watch is very elegant and its movement attracts the look. You can accurately observe your mechanical watch, and enjoy its rubies at any time of the day. Between fashion, luxury and elegance, the skeleton watch has everything to please you!

The Woman Skeleton Watch, by Charlie Paris

At Charlie Paris, we wanted to offer you a skeleton watch elegant and refined woman. Our skeleton Made in France shows an elegant design thanks to its sleek lines and its harmonious proportions. To assemble this watch with clean lines we used quality components, always in mind to offer you a watch at a fair price. The design, the selection of colors and materials has been specially designed to offer you a sober and affirmed watch style. For our skeleton watch for women with elegant and sophisticated design, we chose to use quality materials. The housing of our skeleton watch is steel 316L, a recognized alloy for its durability and its high resistance to corrosion. We also use sapphire glass, renowned for being very resistant and anti-reflections this glass breaks and scratches very hard. Our automatic movements come from the Japanese Manufacture Citizen Miyota which offers calibres of high quality and fine precision. In addition to the skeleton movement, we chose to fix on the back of the watch a transparent background that reveals all the wheels of the automatic movement.

A skeleton watch French brand woman with interchangeable bracelet

The skeleton watch for women can be customized to the rhythm of your desires. As on all our watches, the skeleton woman shows an interchangeable bracelet. Our Flash pump system allows you to change watch bracelets very easily. For an elegant Lady style adopt our Pink Gold watch bracelet in Milanese mesh. You can also choose a more sober style with timeless bracelets like black, white, brown, blue or silver version of our Milan Mesh bracelet. Whether you prefer leather or steel, you have the opportunity to conceive several watches in one thanks to our wide choice of bracelets, from the most colorful to the most vintage. The skeleton watch, 2 year warranty, becomes your flagship and original fashion accessory.

Discover the Charlie Paris skeleton watch as well as all our bracelets without further delay!