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L’union de l’art et de l’horlogerie :  Chronochrome par matali crasset

L’union de l’art et de l’horlogerie : Chronochrome par matali crasset

Chronochrome, imaginé par la designer industrielle française matali crasset, est une création horlogère audacieuse, fruit de la collaboration entre l’artiste, la galerie d’art Love & Collect et...

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L’union de l’art et de l’horlogerie : Temps Miroir par Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost et Dominique Perrault

L’union de l’art et de l’horlogerie : Temps Miroir par Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost et Dominique Perrault

Temps Miroir imaginé par Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost et Dominique Perrault, est une montre unique, fruit de la collaboration entre la galerie d’art Love & Collect et notre jeune maison horlogère. Ce...

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Tout savoir sur les montres GMT

Everything you need to know about GMT watches

In order to learn more about GMT watches, you first need to better understand what time zones are.

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Mouvement automatique Suisse : Soprod C125

Swiss automatic movement: Soprod C125

This movement which will equip our Concordia GMT models offers a power reserve of 42 hours as well as great reliability. 

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Tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur une montre à phase de lune.

Everything you need to know about a moon phase watch.

A watch with a moon phase complication is a watch that displays the lunar cycle. This complication is usually represented by a small disk or window on the watch face, which will show the visible pa...

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Présentation de notre partenaire Humbert Droz Réparalux

Presentation of our partner Humbert Droz Réparalux

In this article, we invite you to discover one of the partners of Maison Charlie Paris: Humbert Droz Réparalux. The Humbert Droz company is a real family story. Since 1956, four generations of e...

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Présentation de notre partenaire bisontin Roland Bailly

Presentation of our Bisontin partner Roland Bailly

Today we have the opportunity to work with this industrial partner in the manufacturing of our G100 movements.

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Perlage, Anglage, Satinage, Mircrobillage : les différentes finitions horlogères

Beading, Beveling, Satin-finishing, Micro-blasting: the different watchmaking finishes

In watchmaking, there are different finishes that allow you to decorate the movements present in your watches. We tend to think that watch decorations are only used for their aesthetic side, but...

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La finition Côte de Genève, qu'est ce que c'est ?

The Côte de Genève finish, what is it?

The "Côte de Genève" finish is the most famous decoration in watchmaking. Since the 20th century, the Côte de Genève finish has decorated the movements of many luxury houses.

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Que signifie le terme « empierrage » en horlogerie ?

What does the term “jeweling” mean in watchmaking?

In watchmaking, the term gemstone refers to all the stones that are placed in the empty spaces of the watch movement.

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Présentation de la manufacture suisse La Joux-Perret

Presentation of the Swiss manufacturer La Joux-Perret

La Joux-Perret is a Swiss company, located in La Chaux-De-Fonds, specializing in the production of high quality watch movements.

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Mouvement G100 de la manufacture Suisse La Joux-Perret, 68h de réserve de marche

G100 movement from the Swiss manufacture La Joux-Perret, 68h power reserve

The G100 is a new-generation, high-end automatic movement with a generous 68-hour power reserve, which means you can leave your watch on over the weekend and pick it up on Monday still on time.

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Mouvement C105 de la manufacture Suisse Soprod, phase de lune perpétuelle

Movement C105 from the Swiss manufacture Soprod, perpetual moon phase

The C105 is a high-end Swiss automatic movement featuring the perpetual moon phase display, a poetic complication that is very complex to achieve.

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Mouvement automatique suisse P024 de la manufacture Soprod

Swiss automatic movement P024 from the Soprod manufacture

Since 1966, Soprod has been developing, manufacturing and marketing watch movements and complications.

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Peur de porter votre montre à vélo ou à moto ? Ce qu'il faut savoir

Afraid to wear your watch on a bike or motorcycle? Here's what you need to know

Wearing an automatic or quartz watch while riding a bicycle or motorcycle can have certain consequences on the overall functioning of the watch. This is still possible if you respect certain condit...

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montre vintage et montre moderne

Modern watch and vintage watch: how to choose?

At a time when modern and vintage watches seem to clash, at Charlie Paris we wanted to bring them together to create watch models that are both contemporary and authentic. Discover our men's and wo...

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Fin du changement d’heure, est-ce pour bientôt ?-Charlie Paris

Could the time change be coming to an end?

If the time change has become a standard, it is questioned for several years by governments and should be abandoned in Europe in 2021.

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montre luminescente

Watches visible in the dark: luminescent watches

Discover how some watches are readable in the dark! Team Charlie Paris explains the different materials used to make a watch visible in the dark and presents its luminescent watches.

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montre automatique homme

How to start a watch collection?

You like beautiful watches and you want to start a watch collection? Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you its best advice to start a watch collection.

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mention Swiss made

What does "Swiss made" mean on a watch?

The mention "Swiss made" is recognized and you may have already come across it but do you know what is behind this mention? Today, Team Charlie Paris presents you what the label "Swiss Made" means.

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évolution de la montre femme

The evolution of women's watches

Team Charlie Paris presents the evolution of women's watches and also reveals its collections of women's watches.

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montre femme moderne

Modern women's watch, our selection

Today, Charlie Paris offers you a selection of modern women's watches. Discover all our timeless and elegant women's watches and find the perfect modern women's watch for you.

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critères Poinçon de Genève

What criteria must a watch meet to receive the Geneva Seal?

The Geneva seal is a certification of excellence and the emblem of Geneva's fine watchmaking. But how to obtain this label of excellence? In this article, Team Charlie Paris presents the criteria t...

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montre automatique

How to use an automatic watch?

Today, Team Charlie Paris explains in this article all you need to know to take in hand and use correctly your mechanical watch with automatic winding.

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montre automatique homme

Connected watch vs automatic watch: the match!

Which watch to choose between an automatic and a connected watch?  Today, Team Charlie Paris helps you make your choice and presents the fierce battle between automatic watches and connected watches!

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montre été

Choose the ideal watch for a successful summer

In this article, the Charlie Paris team informs you about some points to respect with a summer watch and offers you its selection of watches for men and women, ideal for this summer. 

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puis-je porter ma montre mécanique pour faire du sport ?

Can I wear my mechanical watch for sports?

Today, Team Charlie Paris explains if it is possible to wear a mechanical watch for sports.

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spiral montre

All about the watch spring: function, origins and material

Today, Team Charlie Paris has decided to introduce you to the balance spring, a central part within a mechanical watch movement. Many parts make up the mechanism of a watch but do you know the bala...

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montre automatique homme

Which watch should I wear with a suit?

You wish to wear a suit but don't know what style of watch to choose? 

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manufacture horlogère

What is a watch manufacture?

The term manufacture is much envied but often misused. The Charlie Paris Team sheds light on this specific term of the watchmaking sector and presents a famous watch manufacturer.

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