Afin d’en apprendre davantage sur les montres GMT, il faut tout d’abord mieux comprendre ce que sont les fuseaux horaires. 
Ce mouvement qui équipera nos modèles Concordia GMT propose une réserve de marche de 42 Heures ainsi qu’une grande fiabilité. 
A watch with a moon phase complication is a watch that displays the lunar cycle. This complication is usually represented by a small disk or window on the watch face, which will show the visible part of the Moon in the night sky.

Dans cet article, nous vous proposons de découvrir un des partenaires de la Maison Charlie Paris : Humbert Droz Réparalux. L’entreprise Humbert Droz est une réelle histoire de famille. Depuis 1956, quatre générations de passionnés se succèdent et contribuent au développement de la société. 

Aujourd’hui nous avons l’opportunité de travailler avec ce partneiare industriel dans le cadre de la fabrication de nos mouvements G100.

En horlogerie, il existe différentes finitions qui permettent de décorer les mouvements présents dans vos montres. Nous avons tendance à penser que les décorations horlogères sont seulement utilisées pour leur côté esthétique mais on oublie souvent leur première fonction : dissimuler les petites poussières et particules qui peuvent se loger sur le mouvement pendant l’usinage.

The "Côte de Genève" finish is the most famous decoration in watchmaking. Since the 20th century, the Côte de Genève finish has decorated the movements of many luxury houses.
In watchmaking, the term gemstone refers to all the stones that are placed in the empty spaces of the watch movement.

La Joux-Perret is a Swiss company, located in La Chaux-De-Fonds, specializing in the production of high quality watch movements.

The G100 is a new-generation, high-end automatic movement with a generous 68-hour power reserve, which means you can leave your watch on over the weekend and pick it up on Monday still on time.
The C105 is a high-end Swiss automatic movement featuring the perpetual moon phase display, a poetic complication that is very complex to achieve.
Since 1966, Soprod has been developing, manufacturing and marketing watch movements and complications.
Wearing an automatic or quartz watch while riding a bicycle or motorcycle can have certain consequences on the overall functioning of the watch. This is still possible if you respect certain conditions that you need to know and take into account.  Team Charlie Paris reveals in this article all you need to know about this subject.
At a time when modern and vintage watches seem to clash, at Charlie Paris we wanted to bring them together to create watch models that are both contemporary and authentic. Discover our men's and women's watches at the intersection between tradition and modernity.  
If the time change has become a standard, it is questioned for several years by governments and should be abandoned in Europe in 2021.
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