La montre d'Andy Warhol en vente chez Christie's

La montre d'Andy Warhol en vente chez Christie's

Aujourd’hui, la Team Charlie Paris a décidé de vous parler d'Andy Warhol ou plutôt de ses montres. En effet, le roi du Pop Art était un collectionneur de montres et il en possédait plus d’une centaine. Dans cet article, nous vous présentons Andy Warhol, non pas en tant qu’artiste mais comme collectionneur de montres.
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montre été

Choisir la montre idéale pour des vacances d'été réussies

Dans cet article, la team Charlie Paris vous informe sur certains points à respecter avec une montre d'été et vous propose sa sélection de montres pour hommes et femmes, idéales pour cet été. 
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puis-je porter ma montre mécanique pour faire du sport ?

Puis-je porter ma montre mécanique pour faire du sport ?

Aujourd'hui, la Team Charlie Paris vous explique s'il est possible de porter une montre mécanique pour faire du sport.
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men's automatic watch

Father's Day gives him a beautiful watch!

To celebrate father's day, Charlie Paris team has made a series of beautiful watches for you. From classic watches to modern watches to sports watches, you'll find the one that suits your father best.
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Napoleon Gusset Watch

How has the gusset of Napoleon found in Cuba?

Two hundred years after Napoleon's death, many mysteries remain, including this one: how did the gusset watch of the Emperor found in Cuba? Today, Team Charlie Paris tells you this incredible story.
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spiral watch

All knowledge about the watch spiral: function, origins and material

Today, Team Charlie Paris decided to introduce you to the spiral, A central part in a mechanical watch movement.Many parts make up the mechanism of a watch but do you know the spiral? In this article, we present the spiral and its role within a watch.

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men's automatic watch

What shows to wear with a suit?

Want to wear a suit but don't know which style of watch to choose? Don't worry, in this article Team Charlie Paris guides you and gives you its best tips for making the right choice!
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watch factory

What is a watchmaker?

The term manufacture is highly envied but is often misused. Team Charlie Paris enlightens you on the specific term of the watch industry and introduces you to a famous watch manufacturer.
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citizen Miyota 82S7 automatic movement

Citizen Miyota automatic movement caliber 82S7, technical sheet

Today the Team Charlie Paris introduces you to the Citizen Miyota movement caliber 82S7 and unveils its automatic man watch that uses this caliber.
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guilloche watch

What is a guillochée watch?

In watchmaking, many decoration techniques exist. Today Team Charlie Paris has decided to introduce you to one of them: guilloche, a decorative technique among the oldest in watchmaking.
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Mother's Day gift watch

Gift Ideas Mother's Day: offer him a beautiful watch

Mother's Day is coming soon and you don't know what to offer? Don't worry, Team Charlie Paris presents its selection of gifts.
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watch mechanisms

Different display mechanisms

Today, Charlie team will introduce you to different watch mechanisms. Understanding the core of watches will make you better understand how watches work.
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Jewelry Watch

A woman's watch, between a watch and a jewel

At Charlie Paris, we know that choosing a woman's jewel watch is important and can be difficult. Today, Team Charlie Paris guides you and gives you her tips for choosing the perfect jewel woman's watch!
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How to adjust the time on a watch

How do you set the time on your watch?

Many of you wear yourCharlie Paris watch, but when thetime changehappens you wonder again how to adjust yourShows. Don't worry, the Charlie Paris team is here to help!

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End of change of time, is it soon? -Charlie Paris

End of the time change, is it soon ?

While the time change has become a norm, it has been called into question for several years by governments and is expected to be abandoned in Europe in 2021.
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small wrist watch

How do I choose a watch for a small wrist?

Today, Team Charlie Paris gives you advice on choosing a watch for men and women with small wrists.
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mount automatic man power reserve

Learn about watch 'standby'

Technological progress has brought new complexities, and sometimes it is difficult to find solutions. Today, Charlie Paris introduces you to one of the major complications of watches: spare watches.
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watch dial decoration

The decoration of the clock dial: an art!

A whole art developed around the watch dial, also called the "face of the watch". Today, Charlie Paris introduces you to this specific art around the decoration of the watch dial.
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Toolwatch, a watch designed for adventure

Explore our watch: La Concordia, designTo meet the special requirements of the Explorer Matthieu tordur's Antarctic expedition.
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Solar man watch

Ecological watch: the key to a watchmaking responsibility

The commitments to the environment and eco-responsible behaviour are multiplying and we are becoming more and more sensitive. But what is an ecological watch? Team Charlie Paris sheds light on the subject.
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electronic watch

Know all about electronic watches

In watchmaking, we hear a lot about mechanical watches and quartz watches, but what is an electronic watch? Today, Team Charlie presents everything you need to know about electronic watches.
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Urbex man watch

When the ruins are getting more attractive

Today, Team Charlie Paris informs you about the Urbex, a practice very popular in recent years. Also check out our limited edition watch inspired by the Urbex: the GR Urbex.
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Man watch

How many times a day the needles of a watch overlap?

You know surely that the needles overlap at midday and midnight stack, but do you know how many times a day the needles of a watch overlap?
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Wrist watch

Waterproof watch: Understanding the waterproofness of your watch

You always wondered what the ATM registration meant on the back of your watch.The Charlie team will reveal the different concepts of waterproofing to best protect your watch.

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Automatic watch vs quartz watch

Mechanical show vs. quartz watch: differences, advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to choosing a watch, two schools seem to be opposed: quartz watch or rather mechanical? Manual or automatic lifting?
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men's automatic watch

All about the magnetization of watches

What is the magnetization of a watch? How do I resolve my watch problem? Team Charlie enlightens you on everything you need to know about magnetization and what to do if it happens to you.
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watch brand

Which watch brand to choose?

In this article, Charlie Parisenlightens you on watch brands and gives you advice on the various elements to consider when buying a watch.
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watch dial

All about the watch face

The watch face is an important part of a watch. Also called "the face of the watch", in this article we present its specificities.Discover our Made in France Charlie Paris watch faces for men and women.
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Manual mechanical watch vs automatic watch

Mechanical watch: Automatic or manual? Components and operation

Mechanical watch, automatic watch, manual winding watch, quartz watch, you can get lost very quickly!
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how to put together a mechanical watch

How to wind a mechanical watch?

Do you own a mechanical watch and would like to know how to wind it? In this article, we will explain how to do it and the steps to follow.
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How a battery-less watch works

How does a watch without a battery work?

Looking for a gift for a loved one or for yourself? We offer a selection of automatic watches and mechanical watches, signed Charlie Paris.
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Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre ?

How to clean a watch strap?

Cleaning a watch strap is an important step that contributes to the longevity of your watch. It is therefore recommended to take the greatest care and clean them regularly.
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Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre en nylon/tissu ?

How do I clean a nylon / fabric watch band?

To best preserve your watch, it is important to clean your strap. If you have a nylon / fabric strap, we'll walk you through the steps to clean it.
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Comment nettoyer un bracelet de montre en acier inoxydable ?

How to clean a stainless steel watch strap?

Do you have a watch with a steel or Milanese mesh strap and you don't know how to clean it? Don't worry, we will guide you to make your bracelet shine!
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maintenance leather bracelet watch

How to clean a leather watch strap?

Do you own a leather watch strap and don't know how to maintain it? We will explain in this article the steps to follow.
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change watch bracelet

How to change your watch strap?

It is interesting to be able to change your watch strap as you want. We will explain how to do this and you will see, changing your bracelets has never been easier!
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unbreakable watch

Unbreakable watch, is it possible?

When you want to acquire a watch you want to keep it for a long time, then the question of the resistance of the watch arises. We will try to help you see it a little more clearly.
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Watchmaking as part of Unesco's intangible heritage

Watchmaking as part of Unesco's intangible heritage

Since Wednesday December 16, 2020, Franco-Swiss watchmaking and mechanical engineering have been included in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
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How to change the glass of his watch?-Charlie Paris

How to change the glass on my watch?

Watches are fragile objects and it is not uncommon, through clumsiness, to break the glass of the latter. No worries, changing the glass on a watch is a classic repair.
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The watch crown: what is this coin for?-Charlie Paris

The watch crown: what is the purpose of this coin?

The crown is one of the key elements of watch construction: if it serves most of the time to change the hour and minute hands.
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How to remove the links from a steel watch?-Charlie Paris

How to remove the links from a steel watch?

Is your steel watch strap too big? No worries, you can always adjust the bracelet to your size.
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5 gift ideas for a Paris watch enthusiast

5 gift ideas for a watch lover

Christmas is fast approaching! To help you select your future gifts, the Charlie Paris team has selected just 5 gift ideas for a watch enthusiast.
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Women's auto watch

Women's Automatic Watch: More than a fashion accessory, a real gem

While originally the watch was mainly used to tell the time, today with the development of new technologies, it has become a real fashion accessory, even a real watchmaking jewel.
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The guide to watchmaking complications-Charlie Paris

The guide to watchmaking complications

What is a watchmaking complication? Date, tourbillon, power reserve, chronograph... Charlie Paris tells you about the complications of a watch!
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first watch

How to choose your first watch?

We know that finding your first watch is no easy task. Today, Team Charlie Parisgives you advice and guides you tochoose your first watch.
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Quel bracelet de montre choisir?-Charlie Paris

What watch bracelet to choose?

Leather, nylon or steel bracelet? How to choose your watch bracelet well
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Skeleton watch, the automatic watch laid bare-Charlie Paris

Skeleton watch, automatic strip Watch

The term "skeleton" refers to the aesthetics of the watch: the case reveals the entire mechanism of the watch, or part of it.
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Clean and maintain your watch with care, our tips-Charlie Paris

Clean and maintain his watch carefully, our advice

To keep your watch for long years, it must be cleaned and maintained carefully.
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The quantith, the horological complication giving the day of the month-Charlie Paris

The quantum, the watch-storey complication giving the day of the month

The quantum of a watch denotes the timer complication displaying the date at the same time as the time.
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Engagement watch, the bride's traditional wedding gift

Engagement watch, traditional wedding gift for bridegroom

Since the democratization of watches at the end of the 19th century, wedding watches have become a tradition. That's why the wedding watch became a ring for these men.
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