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Shop 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: 0967411237

Store 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: 0967411237


Childhood friends and passionate by watchmaking, Ambroise and Adrien launched their first collection of watches in 2014.

Passionate about watchmaking for both its technical aspect and creative process, they created Charlie Paris as an alternative to luxury watches that make them dream but which they can not afford.

The team of a dozen people today puts all its enthusiasm and skills to create timeless and singular watches, with excellent value for money and a sustainable production model.


France has always been a great watchmaking country, it owes it to its history that made it the real cradle of European watchmaking.

Charlie Paris wishes to maintain this tremendous heritage by combining both the times of tradition and modernity.

Through its universe and its commitments, Charlie Paris wants to be the ambassador of a French lifestyle, free, elegant and refined, that qualifies the watch not only as a measuring instrument, but also as an object of strong symbolic value.

Our mantra? Le plus beau reste l'avenir (the best is yet to come).


Freedom:We are proud to be a 100% independent company able to act according to our will. Incarnated by our stork in flight, freedom is a strong value that rhymes with with spontaneity and creativity.
Kindness: Benevolence, honesty and respect allow us to establish trust relationships on the long term with our customers, our partners, our collaborators and the entire ecosystem around us.
Quality:The love of work well done, the attention paid to the details, the search for the best know-how are many elements that illustrate that quality is a strict priority at Charlie.
Sobriety: The sincerity and authenticity of our approach are illustrated by the sobriety of our creations where each element has its importance and where the superfluous has no place. Less is more.