Warranty & Repair

Time may be playing tricks on your watch. No worries, with our watch shop, we are able to offer overhaul and repair operations that are both fast and quality. Whether you purchased your watch in our boutique, or on our website, the repair process is the same.

If you are in Paris, we invite you to drop off your watch directly at our boutique, at 53 rue Saint André des Arts 75006. After inspection of your watch, an estimate can be sent to you before repair. Payment will then be made directly in the boutique, once the watch is ready.If you do not have the opportunity to come to the boutique, you will have to send us your watch by post to the same address.

Under warranty

1. Contact us
- You can contact us by email at, specifying your order number and the problem encountered.
- We will then send you a prepaid return label, as well as a service form to complete.

2. Prepare to send your watch
- Before sending us your watch, feel free to take clear pictures for your personal records.
- Pack your watch carefully so that it is not damaged during delivery.
- Place the completed SAV form in your shipment and affix the prepaid return label to your package.

3. Service in our workshop
- Upon receipt of your watch in our workshop, our watchmakers will inspect your watch. If the watch shows signs of shock or if the damage is due to improper handling, an estimate will be sent to you.
- If not, our watchmakers will carry out the repairs within approximately 3 weeks.

4. Delivery and return
- Once your watch is repaired, an email will be sent to you for confirmation with a tracking number.
- Please note that you will find in your package a note from our watchmakers detailing all the repairs that have been made.

Out of warranty

1. Prepare your watch for shipment
- Before sending us your watch, feel free to take clear pictures for your personal records.
- Pack your watch carefully so that it is not damaged during delivery.
- Print and complete the after-sales service form and attach it to your shipment.
- The shipment is at the customer's expense. We advise you to choose a sending against signature and, if necessary, to take an insurance. In case of loss of a parcel, the company Charlie Paris cannot be held responsible.

2. Inspection and quotation
- As soon as we receive your watch in our workshop, our watchmakers will make an estimate of the necessary repairs which will be sent to you by email.
- Following your validation, the repairs will be made by our watchmakers within approximately 3 weeks.

3. Payment and return delivery
- Once your watch is repaired, you will receive a confirmation email with a payment link.
- Once the payment is made, your watch will be sent to the address mentioned on the after-sales service form. A tracking number will be sent to you by email.
- Please note that you will find in your package a note from our watchmakers detailing all the repairs that have been made.

Duration of a repair

The time it takes to service a watch varies depending on the type of repair required. It will take an average of three weeks to have your watch repaired.

Our workshop being located just above our store, the fastest interventions can take a few tens of minutes for people who can come and drop them off and wait for the intervention. This can be the case for a battery change, a torn crown or a bracelet sizing.

If the watch is sent to us by mail and the intervention is more important, it takes between 2 to 4 weeks. We need the time to receive it, to diagnose the problem, to carry out the repair, to make sure that this one was well carried out then to return it to you. This may be the case when your watch is delayed or stopped.

If you are in a hurry, don't hesitate to let us know, we will do our best while not confusing speed with haste.

Please note that we keep the watches for a maximum of one year. After this period, if we do not hear from you, the company reserves the right to recycle your watch, without compensation.

Price of a repair

If the repair is not covered by the warranty, an estimate is sent before repair, for agreement. As an indication, you can refer to our price list.

You can accept or reject the quote.

NB: In the case of a refusal, Charlie Paris reserves the right to charge a 10€ processing fee.

If the watch has been dropped off at the store, payment will be made directly on the spot.

If the watch was sent by post, we will send you an email with a link to pay for the repair online.

Please note that the warranty does not cover:

The natural wear of your bracelet : it can have a lifespan of several
months to several years depending on how you use it.

Defects or damage caused by water for models with a water resistance of 5ATM
or less.
For a watch with a water resistance of 10ATM or higher, the
repair will not be covered by the warranty if it turns out that the
crown was not properly engaged.

Defects or damage caused by impact or abrasion. A broken glass or
a scratch is damage that can only occur as a result of impact.

Defects or damage due to normal wear and tear and aging of the watch
such as aesthetic alterations on the plating. Remember to avoid contact
with chemicals like beauty creams or perfumes.

The magnetization of the mechanism resulting in an erratic running of the watch.

Crowns torn off, even unintentionally. Our watches are delicate objects,
we invite you to take the greatest care of them.

The batterieswhich can have a lifespan of 18 to 36 months depending on
models and how you use them.

The watch handled or repaired by an unauthorized person.


Stop & delay

If your watch has stopped, it is most likely that the battery is dead. In this case, you can stop by our store or drop it off at the watchmaker of your choice (as long as he is serious!), since we use standard movements. This will not affect your warranty, as long as your watch has not been damaged by a third party during handling. Remember also to check that the crown of your model is not pulled out, this happens more often than you think! If despite these checks the watch still does not work, we will then take it for repair in our Workshop.

It is not normal for a Quartz (battery operated) model to lag, so a repair may be necessary. However, before sending the watch to us, make sure the delay is recurring and not simply the result of a poorly engaged crown. Sometimes crowns can get caught in your clothing, causing the watch to stop momentarily. In this case, no worries, just be careful.

No need to return your watch to us, just perform the following manipulation. First, pull the crown (the winder). And then, click the top pusher, until the chronograph hand is back to 12 o'clock. Finally, press the crown. Everything should now be back to normal. Most of the time, the chronograph is not reset to zero due to a wrong manipulation of the chronograph. Remember to stop the chronograph (top pusher) before resetting it to zero (bottom pusher).

Automatic watch

La réserve de marche se remonte automatiquement grâce au mouvement du balancier. Mais pour que cela fonctionne, l’énergie doit passer du balancier jusqu’au ressort grâce à une série de rouages. Selon votre utilisation, ces rouages peuvent être mis à rude épreuve et donc subir une usure naturelle. Il est normal d’entretenir ce type de modèle et nous pouvons changer ces pièces. A noter tout de même que votre modèle pourra toujours être simplement remonté manuellement tout comme une montre mécanique classique et qu’alors la montre continuera de fonctionner normalement.

This is completely normal. As stated on our user manuals and website, the automatic models have an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per day. If you are looking for an accurate watch, we invite you to look at our quartz models.


The bracelets are not taken into account in the warranty. Moreover it is quite normal that our bracelets patina over time (mainly due to humidity, perspiration, sun or dirt), especially for most of our leathers that are from a vegetable tanning, a method more respectful of the environment. Your bracelet is in contact with your skin every day, so it is normal that it should be changed regularly.

If this happens to you, remember to pull the crown out right away so that the water can evaporate. Your watch may have traces of condensation on the glass, this does not necessarily mean that it has taken on water, the pressure and significant temperature shifts (45° in the sun then 25° in the pool) can create a veil of condensation that will go away on its own if you let your watch rest with the crown pulled. If the watch has really taken on water, it is usually because the crown was not properly engaged. If this is the case (very simple to determine in the workshop via a water-resistance test), we cannot take the repair at our expense.

We are at your service

From Monday to Friday, we do our best to answer you within the day. Here is our contact email:

A general question about an order, repair, delivery or return policy? See our FAQ.

We are reachable by phone at from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 7 pm.

You can also visit our store at 53 rue Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris on these same hours.