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Warranty and repair


If you have a problem with your watch, we're here to help.

How do I get my Charlie watch repaired?

Whether you bought your watch at our store, on our website or at a retailer, the repair process is the same.

If you are in Paris, we invite you to drop off your watch directly in the store at 53 rue Saint André des Arts 75006, so that our watchmaker can make the necessary repairs.

If not, please download and complete ourreturn formand return the watch to us at this address: Charlie Paris, 53 rue Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris

If you have any question, you can email us at: bonjour@charlie-paris.com. Make sure you provide us with as much information as possible (Last name, First name, address, telephone, place and date of purchase) so that we can answer you as well as possible. If you can no longer find your warranty and you bought your watch in our store or on our website, your purchase invoice or the email recorded when ordering is sufficient.

Please note that the Charlie warranty does not cover:

- The natural wear of your bracelet which can have a lifespan of several months to several years depending on the use you make of it. For example, if you are going on vacation to a hot and humid country, the leather strap is not recommended. We advise you to give preference to steel or nylon bracelets.

- Defects or damage caused by water for models with a water resistance of 5ATM or less. Even for a watch with a water resistance greater than 10ATM, the repair will not be covered by the warranty if it turns out that the crown was not properly engaged.

- Defects or damage caused by impact or abrasion. Broken glass, a scratch or peeling indexes are damage that can only occur after impact.

- Defects or damage due to normal wear and aging of the watch such as aesthetic alterations to the plating. Remember to avoid contact with chemicals such as beauty creams or perfumes.

- Crowns torn off, even involuntarily. Our watches are delicate objects, we invite you to take the greatest care of them.

- Batteries which can have a lifespan of 18 to 36 months depending on the models and the use you make of them.


How long on average will it take to repair my watch?

It takes two to three weeks for your watch to be repaired. Our workshop records and keeps track of each watch carefully during the repair process but we are unable to provide updates regarding the repair progress of recovered products.


My problem is not included in the warranty, how much will it cost me?

We invite you to refer to our price list.

If the watch has been deposited in the store, payment will be made when you collect your watch directly from the store.

If the watch was sent by post, payment will be made online when we notify you that your watch has been repaired.


How can I give my Charlie a second life?

If your watch is too damaged or you find it has had its day, don't let it collect dust in the back of a cupboard! We take back your used watches to give them a second wind in recycling their components. In addition to making a gesture for the planet we will offer you a20% or 40 € discount code (at your convenience) to be used throughout our site. You can then go in search of your next favorite watchmaker.



In order to help you as best as possible, here are some cases that come up regularly:

  • I had my watch stolen, as it is under warranty, I would like a refund.We are not insurers. However, we can provide you with your invoice that you can present to your insurer for compensation.
  • I bought a watch from you a year and a half ago and the strap is damaged, I would like to change it by invoking the warranty.Bracelets are not taken into account in the guarantee. In addition, it is quite normal for our bracelets to acquire a patina over time (mainly due to humidity, perspiration, the sun or dirt), especially for most of our leathers which are derived from vegetable tanning, a more environmentally friendly method. Your bracelet is in contact with your skin every day, so it is normal that it should be changed regularly. Imagine being barefoot for a year and a half with the same pair of shoes!
  • I woke up this morning, and the glass on my watch broke overnight, I would like to invoke the warranty.It is impossible for a glass or any part of the dial to deteriorate without a shock or a fall, even if you may not have noticed it. Imagine asking for the glass of your smartphone, which broke on its own, to be repaired for free.
  •  My watch is thirty months old and has a malfunction. Please take care of it at your own expense. Our warranty is two years, not two and a half years.
  • Yes, but my watch has already gone to after-sales service a few months ago! As soon as your watch goes to us, and only if the problem is covered by the warranty, it is guaranteed at least one year after it has been taken over.
  • My watch took on water even though it had indicated that I could swim with it, I would like the warranty to be activated.If this happens to you, consider pulling out the crown right away and using a hair dryer so that the water can evaporate. Your watch may have traces of condensation on the glass, this does not necessarily mean that it has taken on water, pressure and significant temperature shifts (45 ° in the sun then 25 ° in the swimming pool) can create a mist that will go away by itself even if you let your watch rest with the crown pulled out.If the watch really got wet, most of the time it was because the crown was not properly engaged. If necessary (very easy to determine in the workshop via a leak test, we cannot take the repair at our expense.
  • My model has stopped, can I resend it to you?If your watch has stopped, the battery is most likely dead. In this case, you can drop by our store or drop it off at the watchmaker of your choice (as long as he's serious!), Since we use standard movements. This will not have a suspensive effect on your warranty, as long as your watch has not been damaged by a third party during its handling.Remember to also check that the crown of your model is not pulled out, this happens more often than you think!If, despite these checks, the watch still does not work, we will take it for repair in our Workshop.
  •  My model is late, can I resend it to you? It is not normal for a Quartz (battery operated) model to lag, so service may be necessary. However, before sending the watch to us, make sure that the delay is recurring and that it is not simply the result of an improperly engaged crown. Sometimes the crowns can get caught in your clothes, causing the watch to stop momentarily. In that case, don't worry, you just have to be careful.
  • LThe stopwatch second hand does not reset to 12 o'clock. Where do you send the watch? No need to return your watch to us, justperform the following manipulation. First, tthe crown (the winder). And after that,click on the top pusher, until the chronograph hand is again at 12 o'clock. Finally, press the crown.Everything should then be in order.Most of the time, resetting is shifted due to incorrect handling of the chronograph. Remember to stop the chronograph (top pusher) before resetting it (bottom pusher).
  • JHe has had an automatic model for almost three years and the power reserve is less well assembled. Is this normal? The power reserve is automatically raised thanks to the movement of the balance. But for this to work, energy must flow from the pendulum to the spring through a series of cogs. Depending on your use, these cogs can be put to the test and therefore suffer natural wear. It is normal to maintain this type of model and we can change these parts. Note, however, that your model can still be simply wound manually just like a classic mechanical watch and that the watch will then continue to function normally.
  • My automatic watch was a minute late in a week # disappointment?This is perfectly normal. As stated in our user manuals and our website, automatic models have an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per day. If you are looking for a precise watch, we invite you to go to our quartz models.


Haven't found a solution to your problem? Write to us at serviceclient@charlie-paris.com