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White man watch

The White Men's Watch by Charlie Paris, an elegant and emblematic watch

The white man's watch is considered the jewel of the man and she is doing with everything. The White Men's watch is a very elegant classical watch. Eachman watchWith Charlie Paris white dial features an ultra-resistant sapphire glass, 316L stainless steel case and is 2 years warranty. Do you like white? Whatsoever aQuartz watchor aautomatic watch, with a dwellery or more sporty style, your Men's watch with Charlie white dial is a timeless accessory with both classic and contemporary appearance that perfectly dresses the wrist.

At Charlie Paris, our mission is to create watches with timeless and singular design, all with excellent value for money. We propose different collections of beautiful watches with a white dial and adapted to the style of each of us:

- Fine and elegant high stainless steel watches like our Bastille, horizon or with our initial automatic watches collection.

- Watches with style and technical characteristics adapted to sports practice as our Waterproof 10Atm White Grum watch with super-luminova needles.

We want to offer you a man watch at the white dial adapted to your lifestyle to best adapt to your desires, each time guard is available with different interchangeable bracelets, you can choose a bracelet ofleather watch, in Milanese mesh, steel or nylon for a more relaxed style. The best way to have several watches in one! For an evening Choose an elegant brown leather strap, blue leather or black leather and for a sporty look Choose a steel, nylon or mesh bracelet. The variety of our watch bracelets allows you to play on materials and colors. Our men's watches with Milan Mesh watches bracelets bring a vintage retro style to your white watch. You can also choose our emblematic brown Mick watch strap that is wonderful with time or choose other colors like a dark brown watch bracelet, black, green khaki, beige or blue.

White Watch Mechanical Automatic or Quartz?

Buying a watch Request to choose a watch adapted to your personality and with a mechanism that you like, that is to say with an automatic or quartz motion. Beyond the aesthetic appearance, all watches for men Charlie Paris are equipped with different types of movement. Quartz movement watches for those who love simplicity and precision but also automatic mechanical motion watches for amateurs and watch collectors. For an automatic watch, so you can opt for our initial or "Gr - Automatic" watches while for a quartz watch you can choose from our Bastille, Solar or Chronograph Horizon watches. The Bastille is one of our quartz watches and a waterproof watch with sober and racy design. This is a Citadine Quartz Men's Watch at the Round Dial. This analog display watch template allows you to dress up with sobriety throughout the year. Our solar watch is a mixed watch, both beautiful, durable and accessible. The watch whiteSolar man is a design and ecological watch. This beautiful watch offers two different dials, a white or a blue, and you have the choice between indexes or Roman numerals.

The chronograph watches are part of the sports watches. The horizon is our very elegant chronograph sport watch. The Horizon Chronograph watch is a male white man watch, very pleasant to wear wrists.

White Men's Watch & Made in France watch

As a mark of watches, it is important in our eyes to act locally, which is why, each of our man watches is handled in France, near Besançon, by professional and experienced watchmakers. Our workshop is located in the Jura, cradle of French watchmaking. We want to maintain and develop this tremendous heritage by combining both the times of tradition and modernity. Each Analog Charlie Paris shows will accompany you for many years thanks to its quality components such as sapphire glass or their 316L steel case. Since our beginnings, we have been seeking to have a positive impact, as well societal and about. We also chose to develop mainly live, without intermediary, so that everything is produced as correct, without overproduction with a balance between permanent collections and very limited editions.

Discover and make your choice from our many models of Made in France watches !