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Store 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th - Email: Hello@charlie-paris.com - Tel: 0967411237

18mm interchangeable strap

18mm strap: 20% discount for the second one!

The bracelet size is 18mm To us Wrist watch Initial 36andSolar Watch. Our 18 mm strap is also compatible with other brands of watches, which have a wide middle angle.

All of our watchbands are interchangeable, whether they are made of leather, nylon or steel. Buy the second strap with code "interchangeable 20" and get a 20% discount.number Bracelet Equipped with a so-called "flash" pump, you can replace the bracelet in seconds without any tools.  

18mm strap: leather, Milan mesh or nylon?

Bracelet Leather Watch It's a timeless leather that can be appreciated in different styles and colors: Brown, blue, black or green. There are more original colors, such as red, Bordeaux, orange, white, sky blue or yellow!In summer, we offer a series of nylon bracelets for swimming and sports Milan mesh strap, mesh cotton appearance, will give your watch a firm retro look.

Every men's watch bracelet has an elaborate bracelet

Our choice of leather is very strict, we cooperate with different partners, only with Italian tanneries. They work with the best of them and control all stages of leather processing, from tanning to cutting, to ensure the quality of the bracelet. We use leather from vegetable and mineral tanning, thus retaining the inherent advantages of each process. Leather selection, cutting, assembly, trimming, sewing... Making bracelets takes about 40 operations. This commitment is the guarantee of a timeless bracelet of elegance, comfort and simplicity. Found hereOur production of ostrich skin Bracelet.