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Watch strap

Our interchangeable watch straps will be an ideal complement to your Charlie watch.

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Sold outRose gold Milanese mesh strap 18mmRose gold Milanese mesh strap 18mm
Steel Milanese mesh strap 18mmBracelet en maille milanaise acier - Charlie Paris
Brown leather strap 18mmBrown leather strap 18mm
Brown leather strap 18mm Sale price35 € Regular price45 €

2 colors available

Peacock leather strap 18mmPeacock leather strap 18mm
Peacock leather strap 18mm Sale price35 € Regular price45 €

2 colors available

Terracotta leather strap 18mmBracelet cuir Mick terracotta - Charlie Paris
Terracotta leather strap 18mm Sale price35 € Regular price45 €

2 colors available

Burgundy leather strap 18mmBracelet cuir Mick bordeaux - Charlie Paris

1 color available

Green leather strap 18mmBracelet cuir Mick Vert - Charlie Paris
Green leather strap 18mm Sale price35 € Regular price45 €
Blue Jean leather strap 18mmBlue Jean leather strap 18mm
Blue Jean leather strap 18mm Sale price35 € Regular price45 €

2 colors available

Mick ecru leather strapBracelet cuir Mick écru - Charlie Paris
Mick ecru leather strap Sale price35 € Regular price45 €

2 colors available

Sand leather strap 18mmBracelet cuir Mick Sable - Charlie Paris
Sand leather strap 18mm Sale price35 € Regular price45 €

2 colors available

Bracelet Nylon Bleu 18mm - Charlie Paris
Blue Nylon Strap 18mm Sale price35 €

2 colors available

Black leather strap 18mmBracelet cuir Mick Noir - Charlie Paris
Black leather strap 18mm Sale price45 €
18mm taupe leather strap18mm taupe leather strap
18mm taupe leather strap Sale price45 €
NEWBlue saffiano leather strap 18mmBlue saffiano leather strap 18mm
NEWBrown saffiano leather strap 18mmBrown saffiano leather strap 18mm
NEWBlack saffiano leather strap 18mmBlack saffiano leather strap 18mm
NEWBlack crocograin leather strap 18mmBlack crocograin leather strap 18mm
NEWBlue crocograin leather strap 18mmBlue crocograin leather strap 18mm
NEWBrown crocograin leather strap 18mmBrown crocograin leather strap 18mm
18mm blue leather strap18mm blue leather strap
18mm blue leather strap Sale price45 €
Brown leather strap 18mmBrown leather strap 18mm
Brown leather strap 18mm Sale price45 €



All our watches are available with bracelets fitted with so-called “flash” pumps. Thanks to them you can change your bracelet in just a few seconds and without any tools.

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Discover the world of Charlie watch straps

Welcome to the exciting world of Charlie watch straps. Our guide has been specially designed to help you choose the perfect strap that will add a distinctive touch to your watch. At Charlie, we believe in personalization, and that's why all our bracelets are interchangeable (except for the Alliance and Aurore collection), offering unparalleled flexibility to adapt to your style, your mood or a particular occasion. Interchangeable straps offer the freedom to personalize your watch according to your desire. Whether you want to transform your outfit, give a gift or simply replace a worn bracelet, our customization options are waiting for you. Discover the high quality of our bracelets, designed with particular attention to detail, and explore the endless possibilities available to you.

Select the perfect strap for your Charlie watch

At Charlie, diversity is at the heart of our watch strap collection. Our interchangeable straps, whether in leather, nylon or steel, allow you to assert the character of your watch. Take advantage of an exclusive 20% discount on the purchase of a second bracelet with the code "INTERCHANGEABLE20". Choose the size that suits your watch, whether it is a 14mm women's watch strap for the Sully collection, an 18mm for the Initial 36 collection or a 20mm men's watch strap.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bracelet

- Color: Harmonize the color of the strap with your watch case and your wardrobe. Classic shades like black or brown suit any occasion, while bold colors like green or gold add a statement touch.

- Materials: Bracelets can be made of leather, metal or nylon. Each material has its advantages in terms of comfort, durability and aesthetics. Choose the one that matches your preferences.

- Size: Make sure the bracelet is the right size, especially for steel bracelets. You can refer to the size guide which will tell you the size best suited to your wrist size. If your steel bracelet is not suitable, you will find additional links in your watch box to adjust the size of your bracelet, either directly in our store or at a local watchmaker. Nylon, leather and mesh straps are easily adjustable by yourself and without tools.

Leather, nylon, steel or Milanese mesh?

Our timeless and durable leather bracelets offer a variety of colors and finishes. From classic brown to pine green, each bracelet is the result of work focused on quality with partners selected for their expertise with the best Italian tanneries. Nylon straps, perfect for summer activities, add a sporty and casual touch to your wrist. Available in black, blue, beige, green, and many other colors, they adapt to all occasions. Of Italian origin, the Milanese mesh bracelet offers unparalleled elegance. Available in rose gold, silver and even black for men, it combines chic and comfort to face the hazards of your daily life. Steel bracelets, whether three-link for our Concordia model or polished and brushed for our Alliance collection, bring an assertive and robust touch at every moment. Are our bracelets compatible with all brands? Yes, our interchangeable bracelets fit all brands with the same lug widths (20mm/18mm/14mm). The availability of our bracelets is updated in real time on our site, allowing you to make your choice with complete confidence. Explore the world of Charlie watch straps, where personalization meets elegance. Find the perfect bracelet to enhance your watch and express your unique style.