Man's skull Watch

Skeleton Watch: a charming naked mechanical watch

The skeleton table isMen's automatic mechanical watch Or women are not like other people. In fact, a bone table is a mechanical table with a specific appearance. The term "skeleton" refers to the aesthetics of a watch: the case allows the whole mechanism or part of the watch to appear. Why is "bone" defined? It's very simple, because like human bones, the visible mechanism is watch bones. It is this mechanism that enables watches to work for a long time.

The movement of an automatic watch is complex, and a skeleton watch allows you to appreciate its mechanism. Wearing this watch, you can observe the gears, rubies and other elements of your automatic watch. Skeleton watch is an automatic watch with elegance and complexity. These completely transparent watches have a certain charm. The beauty and complexity of its internal mechanism give them a delicate and elegant spirit. Skeleton watches have different designs because watchmakers are free to choose the moving parts they want everyone to see. Therefore, there are various models to satisfy all tastes.


Autopilot, Charlie Paris

In Charlie Paris, we want to give you a chance to enjoy it Men's Watch Every moment. Our skeleton watches are elegantly designed, designed and assembled near Besancon, France. With Charlie Paris's skull watch, we want to express our passion for mechanical clocks. In order to assemble this watch, we use high-quality components, always bearing in mind that we provide you with French watch At a fair price. Therefore, for the case of skeleton watch, we decided to use 316L steel It is characterized by stainless steel and sapphire glass, almost indestructible, not abradable. We also choose to use high-end automatic sports, more accurately, the 9015 sports of Japanese citizen Miyota company. It's the manufacturer's highest sport, accurate, reliable and robust.

This skull watch Let all the gears and rubies in motion appear, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the complexity of this gem at any time of the day.Skull watch presents watch works in a completely transparent way, which can adopt a variety of styles: contemporary, poetic or dynamic skull watch.

Men's bone watch with replaceable Bracelet

The men's skull watch designed by Charlie Paris can come in different styles, thanks to our easy to replace Bracelet system. You can choose the materials and colors related to the watch. number 20mm men's watch strap Our nylon or Milan mesh wristbands are waterproof and athletic. In order to be more beautiful, our Bracelets Leather Watch Smooth, textured, rough or ostrich skin is perfect. We also offer lizard or flannel strap. You just need to connect our bracelets to the most appropriate situation. We also offer a variety of color bracelets to meet all tastes. Brown, chocolate, black, blue, green or steel strap, you can choose!