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Montre squelette homme

Men's skeleton watch

Discover our selection of French watches for men with visible mechanisms.

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INITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - WhiteINITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - White

10 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - BlueINITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - Blue

6 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - GoldINITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - Gold

10 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - Gold/BlueINITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - Gold/Blue

5 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - GreenINITIAL - Automatic Open Heart - Green

5 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - Green & GoldINITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - Green & Gold

5 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - BlueINITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - Blue

5 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - GoldINITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - Gold

10 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - PhantomINITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - Phantom

2 colors available

INITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - WhiteINITIAL - Automatic Skeleton - White

10 colors available

NEWConcordia - Automatic - NazaréConcordia - Automatic - Nazaré

5 colors available


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It is important to us to act locally, which is why our watches are assembled by hand in our workshop in Paris.

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Find our entire collection of watches for men and women at 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6th.

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Skeleton watch

Discover the elegance of charlie skeleton men's watches

Welcome to Charlie's world, where watchmaking becomes a work of art with our Skeleton watch collection. Immerse yourself in the depths of the skeleton watch, an automatic mechanical piece for men, a true jewel of watchmaking sophistication. The skeleton watch is distinguished by its case revealing almost the entire internal mechanism. As the human skeleton reveals its structure, this watch reveals the core of its functionality. Why the term “skeleton”? It evokes the particular aesthetic of this watch where the mechanism becomes the skeleton of the object.

The automatic movement in the spotlight

The skeleton watch offers a unique experience to the wearer by highlighting the complex movement of an automatic watch. Wear this timepiece, and the cogs, rubies and other internal elements will reveal themselves to your eyes, testifying to remarkable watchmaking quality. Each ruby, carefully positioned, acts as the guardian of the fluidity of the movement, contributing to a horological symphony where each note is a second that passes with precision. The skeleton watch is much more than a simple instrument for measuring time, it becomes a window open to a complex and fascinating world. It is a celebration of watchmaking mechanics, where each movement bears witness to the ingenuity that drives your watch. The visible mechanism then becomes the real protagonist, giving the watch a sophisticated beauty without tainting its natural elegance. Each piece is the result of know-how guaranteed by our watchmakers, ensuring its operation over the years.

Transparency at the service of your difference

At the heart of our collection of watches for men , we find the Initial Skeleton, transparency becomes synonymous with charm. Elegance combines with complexity, creating one-of-a-kind automatic watches. The transparency both on the upper part and on the bottom allows you to admire the complex movement of the cogs, balances and springs, offering a real lesson in watchmaking with each glance. The transparent back, revealing the oscillating weight in action, adds an artistic dimension to this meticulous mechanism. At Charlie, we believe that every watch is a customizable work of art. The Skeleton men's watch collection embodies this philosophy by offering not only remarkable aesthetics but also the possibility of personalizing your watch according to your preferences. Our interchangeable bracelets offer the possibility of personalizing your watch with leathers in various colors (chocolate, ocean, green, gray, black, brown, etc.) or with 3-link steel bracelets, adding an even more assertive touch to your style. Explore our range of skeleton watches and discover the harmony between elegance, mechanical complexity and infinite customization, because every detail counts at Charlie.