Watch straps

Discover our collection of interchangeable watch straps. Made of leather, nylon or steel, these straps will be a perfect complement to your Charlie watch. You can choose the one you like in our wide selection of straps in 14mm, 18mm and 20mm.

14mm Women's Watch Straps

The size " 14mm women's watchband " corresponds to the watches of our Sully collection. Our 14mm watchbands are also compatible with other watch brands having this width of lugs. Our watch bands are interchangeable, whether they are leather or rose gold and steel mesh, just like our 20mm men's watch bands. Get a 20% discount on the purchase of a second watch band with the code "INTERCHANGEABLE20". Our bracelets are equipped with "flash" pumps, thanks to which you can change your watchband in just a few seconds and without any tools.
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Watch strap: Select your model.

At Charlie Paris, all our watchbands are interchangeable, whether they are made of leather, fabric or steel. Get a 20% discount on the purchase of a second bracelet with the code "INTERCHANGEABLE20".

Depending on the size you choose, you can opt for a woman's watchband with a 14mm watch strap, a unisex watchband with the 18mm model or a man's watchband by opting for 20mm. Each watch band is a great opportunity to give your watch a whole new look. Our watch bands are also compatible with other watch brands with the same width of 14mm, 18mm or 20mm lugs.

A precise leather work for your men's or women's watch straps

The leather watch strap is a timeless item for both men and women. We allow you to enjoy many different colors and styles. For example, you can choose a blue, brown or black mick leather to have a classic that is easy to match, but you can also choose a grained leather or an ostrich leather. As for the colors, you can play the originality without difficulty with a blue bracelet, terracotta, an ecru and many others! The leather watchband will be a great way to vary the textures and colors while enjoying a model that will last over time. Extremely rigorous in the selection of our leathers, we work with different partners working only with Italian tanneries. They work with the best of them and control all the steps of leather transformation, from tanning to cutting, thus guaranteeing a quality bracelet. We use leathers from both vegetable and mineral tanning, thus preserving the intrinsic advantages of each process. The selection of hides, cutting, assembly, trimming, sewing ... In total, nearly forty operations are necessary to manufacture a leather bracelet. Such a commitment is the guarantee of elegant, comfortable and simply timeless straps.

The Nylon watch strap to vary the pleasures

Our timepieces can also be mounted on our interchangeable nylon straps to add to the completeness of your watch. The star of summertime and water activities, the nylon strap has a sporty and reckless character that defies all the trials of your life. From black, to blue, to beige, to green, to gray, your nylon strap is completely versatile and will complement any outfit.

The Unmissable Steel or Milanese mesh watch strap

If you like the chic and sporty style of metal, you can also opt for a metal watch strap by choosing for example a watch strap in rose gold & steel Milanese mesh or the steel bracelet with three links for a more assertive look. You will find here also several colors with the silver color of steel, but also the pink gold which will give immediately a more jewel aspect to your watch.