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Men's quartz watch


The quartz watch for men is both a practical and aesthetic accessory. At Charlie Paris, we offer men's quartz watches that are both functional and stylish. The quartz watch is the most common type of watch on the market and the quartz watch is a timeless accessory. Since our inception, we have been committed to producing quality watches at a fair price. We have chosen to use quality materials for our quartz men's watches such as 316L stainless steel for our analog watch cases or a very resistant sapphire crystal. Whether it is with a three hand quartz movement, small second hand, solar or chronograph, with a city style or more sporty, the Charlie Paris quartz watch is guaranteed for 2 years and will accompany you with elegance for many years.


At Charlie Paris, our mission is to create watches with a timeless and singular design and with an excellent quality-price ratio. All assembled in France, near Besançon, by professional and experienced watchmakers. We offer different collections of quartz watches adapted to the lifestyle of each of us: 

- Elegant city watches, like our Bastille quartz watches or our beautiful Horizon chronograph watches. 

- A French solar watch with a classic design that is a quartz watch that recharges itself with the energy of the sun. With this timepiece, no more battery changes! Solar watches are therefore sustainable and ecological watches.

- Watches with a more sporty style like our Concordia men's watch collection which is a true 30 ATM waterproof dive watch or like our GR Ocean quartz watch and sports watch which adopts a retro and sporty design.

To make sure that our different types of quartz watches fit your desires, each quartz watch with a round dial is available with different dial colors like a black men's watch dial, blue men's watch dial or brown men's watch dial. All Charlie Paris men's quartz watches have interchangeable watchb straps that fit perfectly on your wrist. You can thus personalize the watch You can customize the Charlie Paris men's quartz watch according to your desires and events. If you want a black strap, we offer black watch straps in smooth leather, grained leather, raw leather or nylon, which would go very well with a man's white watch. You can also choose a nylon strap in beige or khaki for our sports watches, a Milanese mesh strap for a steel watch with a vintage style or a black leather strap or brown leather strap to bring a touch of elegance to a green man's watch for example. Our leather straps are available in many colors: blue, green, black, brown or chocolate.

Quartz watch, how does it work ?

A real revolution in the 70's, the quartz watch is now the most commercialized type of watch in the world, despite a strong craze around the automatic watch. As its name indicates, a quartz watch is a watch that requires the use of quartz crystal. Quartz is a mineral that has piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to polarize electrically under the action of a mechanical force. Conversely, this material has the ability to vibrate and oscillate under the action of an electrical voltage. This is called the inverse effect of piezoelectricity. This vibration of quartz is not random, it is exactly 32 768 vibrations in one second. All the quartz plates present in quartz watches vibrate at this frequency. A counter calculates the number of vibrations emitted by the quartz blade, once this number reaches 32,768 it triggers the advance of the second hand by one second and the time display mechanism in general. The regularity of these vibrations is what allows Quartz watches to be extremely accurate. 

Discover our men's quartz watches and choose the quartz watch model that matches your personality!