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Black men's Watch

The black watch for men, by our watch House Charlie Paris

The black watch, an indestructible place? At the beginning of the 20th century, the watches were content with white dials with different shades and the color was not widespread on the dials of watches. It was not until the 1930s that black appeared on watch dials. At that time, watches with blue dials also appeared but they were perceived as eccentric. Conversely, the black watch is considered the color of choice for watches, especially for timepieces for professional use. Indeed, on a black background, the white indications become extremely legible. This is why military watches, and in particular those intended for pilots, have from then on and almost systematically black dials. Today, black watches are still very present but they are chosen more for their aestheticism.  The black man's watch is a must-have accessory that has the advantage of going with all your outfits. Whatever your personality, black is a timeless color that fits with everything. A color of sobriety and elegance, the black man's watch offers a chic style that cannot be ignored. Do you like black? Whether it's a quartz watch or an automatic watch, with a city style or more sporty, your men's watch with a black Charlie Paris dial will be a resolutely contemporary analog watch.

Black watch for men, automatic or quartz, adapted to your lifestyle 

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, all black watches for men Charlie Paris are equipped with different types of movements. Quartz movement watchesfor those who like simplicity and precision but also mechanical watches with automatic winding for watch lovers and collectors with our Initial watch models. At Charlie Paris, we offer you the opportunity to choose the type of movement that best suits your lifestyle. Our black men's watch collection features watches with a black dial and strap, but with a steel colored watch case. 

Black watches for men with interchangeable straps that fit your style

The men's watch with a black dial is a resolutely masculine, modern and contemporary watch that will fit perfectly on your wrist. Black is a neutral color, practical and easy to wear and combine with other colors. So, to best suit your desires and offer you the black men's watch that reflects your personality, each Charlie Paris watch is equipped with a system of interchangeable straps. You can choose a leather, nylon or steel watch strap. Black to match your black man's watch, but also brown or green. The best way to have several watches in one!

If you are unsure about the color of the dial, you can also choose a new watch with a white dial and a brown leather, black leather or black nylon strap. Automatic watches, quartz watches, classic watches or leather watches, you will find the perfect black men's watch. And if you can't make up your mind, feel free to visit us at our boutique at 53 rue Saint André des Arts, Paris 6ème, to discover our black watches for men and our numerous watch models!