How can I clean my watch efficiently?

Once you have chosen your watch, it is important that you take the best care of it to keep it as long as possible. The maintenance of your watch is therefore very important if you want to wear your watch for many years. But how to clean a watch and its straps? We will explain you how to proceed through this article.

How to clean my watch ?

To clean a watch, there are 2 main methods, which differ according to the waterproofness of your watch.

  • If you have a waterproof watch, i.e. a watch that is at least 5ATM waterproof, we recommend that you first remove the straps from your watch and keep only the case. This operation will allow you to clean every corner of your watch. Make sure that the crown of your watch (the wheel used to set the time) is properly engaged otherwise your watch will be damaged by the following procedure. Take a soft toothbrush, soap and water and scrub your watch effectively. Then rinse your watch with fresh water. Also, if you go swimming in the sea, rinse your watch with clear water as the salt crystals will damage your watch. With a waterproof watch, cleaning your watch is a breeze!
  • If you have a non-waterproof watch, i.e. a quartz men's watch or an automatic watch where nothing is mentioned or a 3ATM watch. First of all, do not place it in direct contact with water. Use a soft cloth, microfiber cloth or slightly dampened bezel cloth and wipe your watch. For more persistent marks and nooks and crannies where dirt has accumulated, you can use a slightly dampened soft toothbrush, toothpick or cotton swab. Do not forget to dry your watch with a dry cloth at the end of these operations.

How do I clean my watch strap? 

To clean your watch straps, the technique will depend on the material the strap is made of: 
  • Cleaning the leather strap: To clean your leather watch strap once again provide yourself with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush moistened and rub vigorously. If your strap is very dirty you can add a little soap. Remove the excess soap with a dry cloth and let it air dry away from any heat source. If your leather watch strap is very damaged, don't wait any longer and renew your own!
  • Cleaning a steel, rubber or Milanese mesh strap: To clean them, proceed in the same way as for the case of a waterproof watch.
  • Cleaning a fabric or nylon strap: You can put it in your washing machine or, if it is very dirty, rub it with a brush beforehand.